Grow your own implants

September 28, 2007

This is brilliant, I wish it was available now!
Scientists in Japan have used stem cells from fat on women’s bodies to actually grow breast implants.
The stem cells were used to harvest breast tissue, which was then injected into the women’s breasts, where it grew and apparently looked completely natural.

“The Japanese teams have carried out trials on dozens of women and say they have had no problems. They say the treatment will be routinely available from plastic surgeons within five years,” states an article about it in the Daily Mail.

I suppose the downside would be it wouldn’t be much use in really skinny girls with not a lot of natural fat cells. So you’d have to have a few ounces to spare, which is like killing two brids with one surgery- get rid of extra fat AND get bigger boobs..
They should try invent a male version- get THEIR fat cells, harvest them, then inject them into the penis…

Wonky cleavage

September 28, 2007

I seem to be picking on celebs this week, but really it’s just because they’re where to go when you want to see examples of wonky boob jobs.
After my examination of Posh yesterday, today I turn my attention to Tori Spelling. I saw a picture of her yesterday that I’d seen in gossip mags before but never fully understood. It showed her wearing a low-cut top, and all you can see is a big concave gap between each implant. Like she pushed her boobs together with a Wonderbra or something but they didn’t quite fit.

Maybe you can see what I mean here:

Tori again

Sorry about the poor picture quality, but look closely at the gap between each breast. This is because Ms. Spelling is a girl who, like me, has a wide breast bone and no natural cleavage- and getting breast implants doesn’t change that. I know girls the same size as me (and I’m very small, remember), maybe slightly bigger, who have cleavage when they put on a good bra. Small cleavage, yes, but it’s still there. But I also know girls with big boobs and no cleavage, because their breasts are naturally further apart on their breast bone.
Small breasted girls with no cleavage like Keira Knightley, for example, who get implants, will not magically have cleavage. As my Surgeon said to me, we can’t break your breast bone and narrow it down. (Eggh.)
So Tori here, when she tries to create cleavage, has an unattractive gap that ends up being circled in red in magazines on the “The state of them!” pages.
Mine will be smaller, so maybe it won’t happen to me, but it will be interesting (and slightly worrying) to see.

Will mine look like this??

September 27, 2007

By “this” I mean Posh, above, and also here:

Posh again

I have nothing personal against Victoria “overdone” Beckham, and I’m also not sure if she has admitted she has breast implants, but lets be honest, it’s pretty obvious. I don’t judge her for this, I’m also not planning on admitting it. But the difference is, mine won’t be so stuck on blow up beachballs obvious. I hope. I specifically told the PS I didn’t want this look. He told me that lots of girls want the “fake” look, and let them on I say, each to her own, etc. I just think it looks horrible. It also doesn’t suit VB’s tiny frame. See her before (that’s if, at the risk of some sort of slander accusation, she has had BA, but really look at the pictures and decide for yourself. It really is a no-brainer):

Posh before

She looks good here (well, except for the weird alien glare), also, she is still bigger than me in the before pic. But I do not want to look like someone inflated two rubber balls and glued them to my chest. This is actually my biggest worry about the procedure. I felt slightly better about it when I spoke to that nice girl from the clinic I mentioned before (the one who very nicely let me feel her own implants, which were very nice indeed.)
She said people often assume ALL implants look like Posh’s. She specifically mentioned VB as an example of what people think implants always look like. But there are loads of other celebs who’ve had BA who look more natural. I wonder why this is. I doubt Mrs. Beckham went to a surgeon and said “I want them to look sooooo fake, you know, about as fake as my hair, tan, teeth and singing voice on the Spice Girls albums, not to mention my voice on my own solo albums, one of which was never actually released because the record company realised how crap I was.”
But if she didn’t ask for this, then what DID she ask for?
Seriously, if mine look this fake, I won’t be too thrilled. Although, I’m nowhere near as skinny as Posh (more pear-shaped) and I’m getting smaller implants. So I doubt I will.

EDIT: Have just read Heat magazine, who coincidentally have a cover story on “Posh: How Surgery is Ruining Her Looks.” (Looks like I’m not the only wondering what the hell she’s at).
It says (interestingly):
“Despite her ex-PA Rebecca Loos claiming she’d had three (boob jobs), Posh famously made repeated denials that she’d had breast implants, until she was forced to admit it in papers in a court case. Over the past few years, Posh’s chest has swelled. At the Spice Girls’ press conference, her ‘stuck-on’ boobs became the centre of attention.
‘She’s so thin that she doesn’t have any leeway to cover her implants,’ explains plastic surgeon Alex Karidis. ‘That’s why you get that half coconut shell look. They look very stiff and uncompliant because there’s no tissue to flow with the implant.'”

Hmmm. I have very little breast tissue to flow with the implant…will mine look like hard balls??? God. Must check this out.

So my new boobs are going to cost exactly 6,150 euro. I don’t know how much it costs in the US or UK but I’m guessing about 5-6000 pounds/dollars. The clinic told me this price includes the surgery, the aftercare, the night in the clinic, and I’m hoping it also includes the drugs I’ll be taking in the week post-op (painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection from the implants.)

I want this done so much that I’m willing to pay this price. But I was wondering, what else could I buy with 6000 euro? Here’s probably what I would do with it if I wasn’t getting the surgery…


I would probably go to Australia, Thailand and New Zealand in the New Year sometime. 6 grand would get my flights, visa and travel insurance for sure. Then I could just get a job when I got there. I do want to do this, but the way I think of it is, I can travel anytime. Where is the rule saying you have to be in your early 20s? Plus, I’d NEVER wear a bikini on the beach…

Buy a car

Which is, in fairness, what I told the Credit Union I was doing with the money when I applied for the loan. And the two other loans before that. (I bought a new iPod and went to Spain and France, actually..)
Felt qutie guilty when the nice lady giving me the cheque wished me luck on the road. I can’t even drive, so 6 grand would pay for my car, tax, insurance and probably like one driving lesson. But I can buy a car next year…Plus you don’t really need a car living in Dublin city, parking is a pain.

Buy a whole new wardrobe (and, literally, a new wardrobe)

This is tempting, especially for me, who buys new clothes like other people buy coffee on the way to work. I could get rid of all my old stuff and buy for the next two seasons. Plus I could buy the gorgeous Chloe black bubble coat I saw in Brown Thomas. That would last years…and I could buy jeans and boots and bags and dresses…but wouldn’t they all look better on me with actual breasts?

Donate to charity

Lets not kid ourselves…this isn’t even an option!

I need to pick a date!

September 26, 2007

My stupid flat-mate has told me she’s moving out in mid-December, which means at the end of November I’ll need to start looking for someone to move in…just about the time I’ll be recovering from my BA! So annoying. I’ll be like, “Hi, come in, look around, oh and don’t mind the baloon sized breasts I have, wrapped in a bandage, they’ll deflate soon enough. I hope.”
I don’t care, I’m not postponing…I’m already pushing it into Christmas as it is. I don’t want to be at my work Christmas party looking like I’m wearing fake boobs…All this planning is giving me a headache!
But I’m still aiming to have Friday November 23rd as D-Day (Or B-Day, even). I’ll know more after my second meeting with the Surgeon on October 16th. Time is going so slowly…

Under or over?

September 25, 2007

Position of implants

I’ve taken this from this article on breast augmentation:

“The placement of breast implants is either sub-glandular or sub-muscular. Sub-muscular can either be partial or complete. With partial sub-muscular placement, the bottom third of the implant is not covered by muscle. With both partial and complete placement bellow the muscle there are usually fewer instances of complications and mammography tests are easier to perform. When implants are placed sub-glandular, insertion is faster and easier, and there is usually a shorter recovery period.

The primary difference between sub-glandular and sub-muscular is the type of look that the breasts have. For sub-glandular, the implants gives a distinct cleavage line which extends up over the top of the breast. For sub-muscular, the cleavage is not as distinct and does not continue up over the top of the breast. The degree to which the placement affects the final result depends upon several factors.”

Basically what this means is, if you get the implants behind (or under) the muscle, you have a longer recovery time, more pain, and less ‘high’ cleavage; but you also reportedly have less rippling or moving around of the implant, a more natural look, and apparently, it is easier for radiologists to detect breast cancer.

Mine are behind my muscle because I was too small to have them put on top.
Rates of capsular contracture are reportedly slightly lower with implants placed behind the muscle, which made me happy. I’d rather have more pain at first with more benefits later on.
But of course it’s different for everyone…and implants placed over the muscle obviously have loads of benefits too…they are softer faster, they drop quicker and your muscle isn’t sliced open…

The hardest part is over…

September 25, 2007

Went for my first consultation with plastic surgeon yesterday. I thought I wasn’t nervous but one of the staff in there told me afterwards that I looked terrified. So much for my unaffected poise…It was slightly horrible, only because I had to stand half naked under harsh office lighting while the PS (who was very nice) measured every inch of my chest. Turns out I’m even smaller than I thought!
Anyway, the people at the ACS clinic were all lovely. I checked when I went in if the surgeons are registered with the Irish Medical Council (they are) and I also asked could I check out before and after pics of breast ops.
But first, I had my discussion with the Surgeon.
He asked me what I wanted done, my expectations, my medical history, etc. He then measured me (gaaah) and felt around my boobs for any lumps, bumps or unusual parts. (This didn’t take long, since there’s not much there!)
After I put my bra back on (which took about four hours because my hands were shaking!) he told me all about the operation, the risks, the recovery, and the follow up care I’d get at the clinic.
“Any questions?” he said then, and I asked could I stay overnight at the clinic as I would be on my own afterwards. He looked concerned and said of course, the bed is mine anyway. I also asked about size.
This is the most important bit. For anyone out there who wants this done and thinks she knows exactly what size she wants, well prepare to be flexible.
According to my PS, he first needs to know my hopes of what I will look like afterward. I said I wanted a natural increase, meaning I don’t want to look huge, as I’m naturally small anyway and I don’t mind still being small (ish). So I said a B cup. Mr. Surgeon then gave me a number of different silicone balls to try on. He explained that they are measured in volume, not cup size, so for example, he suggested I go with 240 ccs, which is slightly above a B cup. He said once the implant is inside, it will eventually drop and sit properly, and won’t look as big as it did when I stuck it in my bra. (That is important. Because I had it in my bra, i.e outside my breast, and of course it will be further back once inserted, therefore not as far out. If you get me.)
I asked him could I go for maybe a 220cc, thinking 240 was too big. But he said in his opinion 240 would be best, and I should take time to think about it. He said once I’m under (open?) during the surgery, he looks in and sees what will fit. (Have images of myself lying on op table with slits in boobs, as surgeon slides various implants in and out…euggh!)
He then told me, because I have very little breast tissue, he would put the implants behind my muscle, not in front.
In breast augmentation (I found out) implants are either put behind the muscle, or behind the breast tissue (‘overs’). Women with enough breast tissue are given the overs, which apparently have a quicker recovery time and less pain. In my case though they will go behind.
The PS told me to come back for a second consult if I wanted, then brought me out to speak to a lovely girl (a patient co-ordinator, I think her title is) who, I found out, is the daughter of the owner of the clinic. As she led me into another consult room I was admiring her lovely shoes, and I thought she was about my age, maybe in her late 20s. She then told me she was 37, which I still can’t believe. She has implants in and let me feel them, something I’ve been dying to do to see if they would be hard and fake looking. But hers were lovely and felt really soft. Yay!
She told me the op would cost 6,150 euro, and talked to me about what to expect and about size. She knows I don’t want a big increase but also recommended the 240ccs. She said the difference between 240 and 220 is about a teaspoon in volume and so I may as well go with the 240. I think she’s right.
She also urged me to have a second consultation with a different surgeon, to see who I liked better.
So I’m going back on October 16 to meet another PS, who specialises in BA and who inserts the implants through the armpit or the nipple. Lots of people prefer this because there is then no scar on the breasts. I wonder how they get the implant through the armpit though–I’m guessing that will be much more painful!
I’ll meet this second guy then decide, and book my surgery. I’m thinking around the end of November. Hopefully the swelling will have gone down for all the Christmas parties…

How much does it hurt…really?

September 21, 2007

OK last night I was trying to figure out how I’ll manage the three-four days after my BA (breast augmentation– see, I’m already using the lingo). (Last night I also browsed for pics of nice breasts, then had to stop because I felt like a 14 year old boy looking at porn). Anyway, my original hotel plan may not work after all. The nice girls over at the forums are kind of warning me that it may not be a good idea because I’ll be in a lot of pain and will need help to even sit up.
I can handle pain. I think. So far the most painful thing in my life (physically) has been when I injured my lower back and for MONTHS I was in agony. It’s only when something like your back goes bust that you realise how much you take it for granted. I mean, things like getting out of bed and even walking were a nightmare. I’m guessing this will be the same, except it will be my chest.
So I’m going to ask the people at the clinic can I stay over the first night, just in case. Then the next day I can heave myself into a taxi and go home, where I’ll have prepared a little recovery section for myself. I’ll just move everything into my room and put everything at hand level. I also plan to take a shit load of pills to knock myself out. I have images of waking up four days later, undoing my bandages and revealing perfectly sculpted fake boobs….really though I’ll probably reveal swollen, bruised and painful round things. Gaaah.

The level of pain also depends on where the implants are placed…I’ve been told if they are underneath the muscle (as mine will be) it is more painful. The surgeon told me I would have a heavy, tight feeling in my chest, and that lifting my arms up will be painful. Putting on and taking off the required sports bra you have to wear is also going to be painful. (My PS says to me, hopefully, “Do you have a high pain threshold?” I was like “Emmm, nope…”)
I’m not really worried about the pain though. All through it I will tell myself to relax, not to fight the pain, because it is worth it- it’s pain I welcome to get the results. It’s not like a kick in the groin- pointless and veerry painful…it’s good pain. Right?
Plus I’ll have hardcore painkillers….

How to choose…

September 20, 2007

After I did loads of research I initially decided to choose a hospital consultant to do my breast augmentation. For those not familiar with the Irish health system (which I’m assuming is everyone…even Irish people!), here we have more public hospitals than private clinics. So consultants in plastic surgery working in the big city hospitals would have their own private practices where they do cosmetic surgeries. These guys are safe to choose because they are definitely regulated (they have to be to do their public work).
But then, after reading a bit more, I decided it could be safer to choose a surgeon who has done hundreds of ops. I read a personal journal of a girl who had her breasts done in the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Dublin and she said they are top class. I’ve heard that before, but because I’m not going to trust ads and rumours, I’m checking them out for myself. They’re the longest established clinic in the country though, and the most popular, so I think it’s a good choice. (Note: I’m not going to mention ACS much on here because I don’t want this to become an advertisement for their clinics!)
If I feel dodgy about ACS though I’ll just choose another surgeon. I’m guessing it’s going to cost about 6000 euro but it could be more.

What risks?

September 20, 2007

From the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK:

“The risks associated with silicone gel breast implants have been investigated on three occasions by independent expert groups working on behalf of the Department of Health. The latest of these, the Independent Review Group, concluded that the risks were no greater than for other implants, such as hip joints. MHRA is not aware of any evidence suggesting that saline used to fill saline breast implants presents any hazards.”

“…there is no evidence of a causal link between the implantation of silicones and connective tissue disease.”

“..silicone gel breast implants are not associated with any greater health risk than other surgical implants, and that silicone induces a conventional biological response, rather than an unusual toxic reaction.”

“In their 1998 report, the IRG said that “analyses of large groups of women both with and without breast implants have shown that there is a slightly reduced incidence of breast cancer in women with breast implants. Studies looking at the incidence of other cancers have failed to demonstrate a statistically significant increase among women with breast implants.”

So, OK, obviously there ARE risks, it’s surgery. But I’ve seen websites saying things like “You could die!!” etc. The breast cancer thing, breastfeeding thing and the stuff about leakage are not a worry for me.
I think the only risk comes from the surgeon who performs the op. If s/he is a good surgeon there will be nothing to worry about. The horror stories, the poor women who have gone through the surgery and come out deformed and ruined (I can’t imagine what I would do if that happened) most likely had their surgery done by an inexperienced hack who is not a specialised surgeon. I am choosing my surgeon very, very carefully. My consultation on Monday is mainly so I can get the surgeon’s name and look him or her up. I’ll also be asking if they are registered with the Medical Council, how many ops they have done and what level of aftercare they provide. I’ll let you all know the answers!