It starts…

September 20, 2007

First consultation with surgeon next week! Got final loan approval from credit union today. I said it was for a car, then I realised (too late) that the last four CU loans I have applied for have been apparently for “a car”. I don’t even own a car.
I’m hoping to schedule my surgery for Friday November 2nd. For a while I was wondering how I would manage in my house on my own (or worse, while my housemate was there—I do not want her to know!) because my research tells me the first 24-48 hours are pretty horrific, pain and misery-wise. So I think I will check into a nice hotel near the clinic and inform them I am getting surgery, so someone will be like on call if I need it. I might pick the Westbury in Dublin, I’ve always wanted to stay there…I’ll check in before the op, lay out the essentials I’ll need afterwards (Drinks, ice packs, valium, maybe a tape recorder to scream into…) and then head straight there after the procedure. God imagine I met someone I knew…!

Meanwhile, I’ve started my slow and crafty bra-padding so my new boobs won’t be a huge surprise to people. Really, I’m so small-chested that any increase is noticeable on my frame. Anyone who looks at me strangely, I’ll be like “Padded bra!”
I’m also hoping I can play the “I’m a late bloomer” card, a la Britney. Not that ANYONE believed her. But what can people do, besides gossip behind my back, wondering have I had surgery? I’ll just deny it. I’m positive I’m going to do this without anyone knowing. Watch this space…

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