Under or over?

September 25, 2007

Position of implants

I’ve taken this from this article on breast augmentation:

“The placement of breast implants is either sub-glandular or sub-muscular. Sub-muscular can either be partial or complete. With partial sub-muscular placement, the bottom third of the implant is not covered by muscle. With both partial and complete placement bellow the muscle there are usually fewer instances of complications and mammography tests are easier to perform. When implants are placed sub-glandular, insertion is faster and easier, and there is usually a shorter recovery period.

The primary difference between sub-glandular and sub-muscular is the type of look that the breasts have. For sub-glandular, the implants gives a distinct cleavage line which extends up over the top of the breast. For sub-muscular, the cleavage is not as distinct and does not continue up over the top of the breast. The degree to which the placement affects the final result depends upon several factors.”

Basically what this means is, if you get the implants behind (or under) the muscle, you have a longer recovery time, more pain, and less ‘high’ cleavage; but you also reportedly have less rippling or moving around of the implant, a more natural look, and apparently, it is easier for radiologists to detect breast cancer.

Mine are behind my muscle because I was too small to have them put on top.
Rates of capsular contracture are reportedly slightly lower with implants placed behind the muscle, which made me happy. I’d rather have more pain at first with more benefits later on.
But of course it’s different for everyone…and implants placed over the muscle obviously have loads of benefits too…they are softer faster, they drop quicker and your muscle isn’t sliced open…

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