I need to pick a date!

September 26, 2007

My stupid flat-mate has told me she’s moving out in mid-December, which means at the end of November I’ll need to start looking for someone to move in…just about the time I’ll be recovering from my BA! So annoying. I’ll be like, “Hi, come in, look around, oh and don’t mind the baloon sized breasts I have, wrapped in a bandage, they’ll deflate soon enough. I hope.”
I don’t care, I’m not postponing…I’m already pushing it into Christmas as it is. I don’t want to be at my work Christmas party looking like I’m wearing fake boobs…All this planning is giving me a headache!
But I’m still aiming to have Friday November 23rd as D-Day (Or B-Day, even). I’ll know more after my second meeting with the Surgeon on October 16th. Time is going so slowly…

2 Responses to “I need to pick a date!”

  1. velvety said

    I have small tits and use padded bras.

  2. alex94 said

    I also use padded bras…But I’m sick of it! Imagine NOT having to wear one every day. If you’re happy with your size, then good for you.

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