What could I do with six grand?

September 26, 2007

So my new boobs are going to cost exactly 6,150 euro. I don’t know how much it costs in the US or UK but I’m guessing about 5-6000 pounds/dollars. The clinic told me this price includes the surgery, the aftercare, the night in the clinic, and I’m hoping it also includes the drugs I’ll be taking in the week post-op (painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection from the implants.)

I want this done so much that I’m willing to pay this price. But I was wondering, what else could I buy with 6000 euro? Here’s probably what I would do with it if I wasn’t getting the surgery…


I would probably go to Australia, Thailand and New Zealand in the New Year sometime. 6 grand would get my flights, visa and travel insurance for sure. Then I could just get a job when I got there. I do want to do this, but the way I think of it is, I can travel anytime. Where is the rule saying you have to be in your early 20s? Plus, I’d NEVER wear a bikini on the beach…

Buy a car

Which is, in fairness, what I told the Credit Union I was doing with the money when I applied for the loan. And the two other loans before that. (I bought a new iPod and went to Spain and France, actually..)
Felt qutie guilty when the nice lady giving me the cheque wished me luck on the road. I can’t even drive, so 6 grand would pay for my car, tax, insurance and probably like one driving lesson. But I can buy a car next year…Plus you don’t really need a car living in Dublin city, parking is a pain.

Buy a whole new wardrobe (and, literally, a new wardrobe)

This is tempting, especially for me, who buys new clothes like other people buy coffee on the way to work. I could get rid of all my old stuff and buy for the next two seasons. Plus I could buy the gorgeous Chloe black bubble coat I saw in Brown Thomas. That would last years…and I could buy jeans and boots and bags and dresses…but wouldn’t they all look better on me with actual breasts?

Donate to charity

Lets not kid ourselves…this isn’t even an option!

One Response to “What could I do with six grand?”

  1. Mary said

    LOL – Love your logic – You Go Girl !! will pop a link on my blog to your site (-:

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