Will mine look like this??

September 27, 2007

By “this” I mean Posh, above, and also here:

Posh again

I have nothing personal against Victoria “overdone” Beckham, and I’m also not sure if she has admitted she has breast implants, but lets be honest, it’s pretty obvious. I don’t judge her for this, I’m also not planning on admitting it. But the difference is, mine won’t be so stuck on blow up beachballs obvious. I hope. I specifically told the PS I didn’t want this look. He told me that lots of girls want the “fake” look, and let them on I say, each to her own, etc. I just think it looks horrible. It also doesn’t suit VB’s tiny frame. See her before (that’s if, at the risk of some sort of slander accusation, she has had BA, but really look at the pictures and decide for yourself. It really is a no-brainer):

Posh before

She looks good here (well, except for the weird alien glare), also, she is still bigger than me in the before pic. But I do not want to look like someone inflated two rubber balls and glued them to my chest. This is actually my biggest worry about the procedure. I felt slightly better about it when I spoke to that nice girl from the clinic I mentioned before (the one who very nicely let me feel her own implants, which were very nice indeed.)
She said people often assume ALL implants look like Posh’s. She specifically mentioned VB as an example of what people think implants always look like. But there are loads of other celebs who’ve had BA who look more natural. I wonder why this is. I doubt Mrs. Beckham went to a surgeon and said “I want them to look sooooo fake, you know, about as fake as my hair, tan, teeth and singing voice on the Spice Girls albums, not to mention my voice on my own solo albums, one of which was never actually released because the record company realised how crap I was.”
But if she didn’t ask for this, then what DID she ask for?
Seriously, if mine look this fake, I won’t be too thrilled. Although, I’m nowhere near as skinny as Posh (more pear-shaped) and I’m getting smaller implants. So I doubt I will.

EDIT: Have just read Heat magazine, who coincidentally have a cover story on “Posh: How Surgery is Ruining Her Looks.” (Looks like I’m not the only wondering what the hell she’s at).
It says (interestingly):
“Despite her ex-PA Rebecca Loos claiming she’d had three (boob jobs), Posh famously made repeated denials that she’d had breast implants, until she was forced to admit it in papers in a court case. Over the past few years, Posh’s chest has swelled. At the Spice Girls’ press conference, her ‘stuck-on’ boobs became the centre of attention.
‘She’s so thin that she doesn’t have any leeway to cover her implants,’ explains plastic surgeon Alex Karidis. ‘That’s why you get that half coconut shell look. They look very stiff and uncompliant because there’s no tissue to flow with the implant.'”

Hmmm. I have very little breast tissue to flow with the implant…will mine look like hard balls??? God. Must check this out.

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