Grow your own implants

September 28, 2007

This is brilliant, I wish it was available now!
Scientists in Japan have used stem cells from fat on women’s bodies to actually grow breast implants.
The stem cells were used to harvest breast tissue, which was then injected into the women’s breasts, where it grew and apparently looked completely natural.

“The Japanese teams have carried out trials on dozens of women and say they have had no problems. They say the treatment will be routinely available from plastic surgeons within five years,” states an article about it in the Daily Mail.

I suppose the downside would be it wouldn’t be much use in really skinny girls with not a lot of natural fat cells. So you’d have to have a few ounces to spare, which is like killing two brids with one surgery- get rid of extra fat AND get bigger boobs..
They should try invent a male version- get THEIR fat cells, harvest them, then inject them into the penis…

One Response to “Grow your own implants”

  1. paris said

    It even works with skinny girls and the method is already ready to be performed. It’s actually performed in Japan and by Clinic DDr. Heinrich.

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