Wonky cleavage

September 28, 2007

I seem to be picking on celebs this week, but really it’s just because they’re where to go when you want to see examples of wonky boob jobs.
After my examination of Posh yesterday, today I turn my attention to Tori Spelling. I saw a picture of her yesterday that I’d seen in gossip mags before but never fully understood. It showed her wearing a low-cut top, and all you can see is a big concave gap between each implant. Like she pushed her boobs together with a Wonderbra or something but they didn’t quite fit.

Maybe you can see what I mean here:

Tori again

Sorry about the poor picture quality, but look closely at the gap between each breast. This is because Ms. Spelling is a girl who, like me, has a wide breast bone and no natural cleavage- and getting breast implants doesn’t change that. I know girls the same size as me (and I’m very small, remember), maybe slightly bigger, who have cleavage when they put on a good bra. Small cleavage, yes, but it’s still there. But I also know girls with big boobs and no cleavage, because their breasts are naturally further apart on their breast bone.
Small breasted girls with no cleavage like Keira Knightley, for example, who get implants, will not magically have cleavage. As my Surgeon said to me, we can’t break your breast bone and narrow it down. (Eggh.)
So Tori here, when she tries to create cleavage, has an unattractive gap that ends up being circled in red in magazines on the “The state of them!” pages.
Mine will be smaller, so maybe it won’t happen to me, but it will be interesting (and slightly worrying) to see.

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