October 1, 2007


Is it better to have a scar on my armpit, underneath my breasts, my nipple (Gaaah) or my belly-button??
The armpit and nipple sound the most painful. The belly-button method (known as TUBA) is apparently not that sore, because it’s really just fat and stuff down there- pinch a bit and see if it hurts.
But imagine shaving/waxing your armpits and ripping the scar or something- I’m wincing in pain already. On the plus side, NO ONE would see it if the scar stayed red and noticable. Unless you’re Julia Roberts and you raise your hairy armpits for photo opportunities- although if you were her, and you got implants through your armpit, you wouldn’t have to worry about the pain when you shave…
The crease incision is the one most likely to be seen, especially for me, ‘cos I’m so small and won’t be that huge afterwards.
After the whole stuck-on boobs worry, this is the thing bothering me most pre-op, and my priority question for the surgeon when I go back on October 16. In my first consultation he just said most scars go away…but I need more detail!

UPDATE: Neary four months post-op and my scars are still visible but much better than they were. I’m using a skin oil on them regularly (except when I forget) and they’re not really scars anymore, just slightly raised ridges of skin. They are darker than my skin tone but they will fade to pale eventually. Hopefully by the summer they’ll be much better. I did think afterwards that the under arm incision would’ve been better because of the no scars, but, for some reason the thought of the armpit incision freaks me out, not sure why!

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