What do you need when getting a boob job?

October 4, 2007

Someone asked me this in another comment. First of all, I’m not an expert in cosmetic surgery. Or in anything. Well, maybe I’m an expert in buying clothes and shoes I don’t need, but that’s it.
But still, I’ll answer the question, it’s actually a good one. EDIT: Since I’ve actually had the surgery now, I’ve changed this slightly to reflect my experience.

So what do you need?

1. Money

Pretty obvious. Mine is costing just over €6,000, so roughly around that amount. Some places have loan companies willing to give surgery wannabes money that they pay pack every month. I decided against this because the interest is very high. I got a loan from my credit union, which has low interest rates and a good payback agreement.

You’ll also need money to buy the following: Some good sports bras, some comfy, button down tops (if you don’t have any), Vitamin C and other immune boosters (check with surgeon before taking), some boredom killers (if you want to). Drugs are usually covered in the total cost of your surgery but if not, you’ll need money for antibiotics and painkillers.

2. Time

Time for research into the procedure, time to go for at least two or three consultations, time to research your chosen clinic and surgeon, time to actually have the procedure and then time to recover. I had very few holidays left in work so I had to plan it all carefully. I took 6 days off for the actual surgery, and had to take two half days for the consultations. I also spent months reading about the risks, and choosing a clinic. If you can, have your surgery on a Friday–it gives you two weekends for recovery instead of one.
Things to focus on:
–The reputation and specialist accreditation of your surgeon
–The risks (and benefits!)
–How you want to look afterwards
–Follow up care and what medication you will be taking, etc. They’ll tell you this in your consultation.

You’ll only need about a week off work, the other stuff can be done around work (or, if you’re me, in work)

3. A good knowledge of what size and shape you want

This is obviously very important. Some surgeons might look at you and decide what will look good. The surgeon I saw was telling me I should go for a 260cc silicone implant, because it would suit my frame, but I said no because I don’t want to be that big. Get pictures, look at people, think about it and tell him or her exactly what you want. Rememer they don’t measure it in cup size, but in volumes. So saying “I want a C cup” won’t actually be much good. Also try stuffing your bra with whatever you have and walk around for awhile with it. Preferably when your housemate and her boyfriend aren’t in the house to stare at you, which is what happened to me when my bra stuffing (those giant silicone chicken fillets you get in Debenhams) fell out and landed at their feet…the mortification.
I eventually DID go for 260cc–because I thought about how little difference there is between 240 and 260 and I decided to go with the slightly bigger size. I would strongly recommend doing this. I am a tiny bit disappointed I didn’t go bigger, up to 280ccs. Because they do soften and decrease in size a tiny bit as they ‘sink in’. But mine are completely unnoticable in clothes– which is what I wanted so I’m happy for that.

4. Good general health
Take vitamin B complex and C running up to the surgery, and also any immune system boost, like Echinacea. Some people say not to do this, but the week before my surgery I started getting a bad cold. I took dissolvable Vit C, drank soup, stayed in bed and religiously used antibacterial handwash to prevent infection. My cold vanished.

5. Determination
OK, it does hurt. But the important thing is, it’s manageable pain, and it doesn’t last long. Imagine you break your ankle–it’s going to be sore for awhile until it heals, and it will take you a while to use both feet again–but soon you’ve forgotten you broke it, until you step a certain way and feel a twinge. It’s not actually pain, like period or childbirth pain, just discomfort and stiffness.
It’s like that, well, except boobs instead of ankles obviously 🙂
It’s worth it, trust me. Every time I look in the mirror and see them I get this happy surprise, because at only two weeks I’m so used to them sometimes I forget they are there.

Also there may be people trying to convince you not to have the surgery. This annoys me because I don’t think it’s a big deal. Once you’re safe and prepared it’s fine. Sure, it’s uncomfortable for a while, but think about it: it’s now as common as getting a hip replacement, or hell even getting a haircut. My main problem pre-op was freaking about complications and the anaesthesia–I think this is normal but stay calm and remind yourself why you are doing this, how much you want it etc. I even had moments where I was going to cancel. Think that’s also normal.

6. A bit of Help

Whether it’s family, boyfriend, husband, best friend, whatever. My mother and sister helped me out. I didn’t want to tell them but they were so cool about it and I felt so much better when they knew. You might be surprised at people’s reactions–if they love you, they will support you, it’s as simple as that. My two best friends were also great. I only really needed help days 1-3, and even on day 3 I could have managed. Help for little things like washing hair, changing bandages/dressings, getting things off shelves…And maybe moral support when you feel down or second guess yourself. I think the whole experience made me weepy and weird. But my mother was there to hug me 🙂

2 Responses to “What do you need when getting a boob job?”

  1. flimflam said

    you forgot low self-esteem.

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