I did it!

October 12, 2007

Not IT it, as in I got my boob job, I mean I did it as in I finally booked my surgery. Haven’t written in a while, mainly because until it’s closer to the operation I don’t have a lot to say, but also because my celeb plastic surgery posts attracted waaaay to many freaky fans giving out to me. Especially for saying that Christina Aguilera doesn’t look good, like can you BELIEVE I SAID that?? Seriously she is totally FABULOUS!!!!!1! OK so yeah, she looks about as real as a 20 dollar Gucci bag, and yes maybe she did used to wear chaps and call herself Xtina and have a weird red afro and actually wear leather trousers with a coloured bit at the crotch, and MAYBE her black hair fake tan no clothes look wasn’t so hot, and I might agree that, OK, she should be locked in a cave for wearing that belt thing as a top, BUT she is FUCKING FABULOUS and I won’t sit here on the Internet and read a post on someone’s blog about how her boob job makes her look out of proportion. That is waaay unfair. She didn’t even GET a boob job…..

Ahem. Sorry I seem to have gone off the point there. Where was I?
Yeah so I booked my surgery. I’m nervous now, I wasn’t before. Suddenly all the risks I told myself weren’t relevant to me are flooding my head. Like what if I don’t heal properly? What if I die from excessive bleeding? What if they’re uneven? What if I end up like Baloon Spice? I just want it over with! D-Day is the 24th of November, a Saturday. So for those of you who landed on this blog looking for detailed details of post-op misery and progress, hang in there, all shall be revealed from the end of November on. I’m going to give a daily update and may include pictures. I would put a before pic up now but it’s too depressing.

(P.S SHUT UP how dare you say Xtina is out of proportion, she is my ROLE MODEL, I am aiming to look like her when I grow up, which will be never. Also your blog is CRAP)

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