Black Friday

November 8, 2007

Hello, cosmetic surgery people! I’m back with an update on my boobular journey. For those who actually care. Which I’m guessing is no one.
Anyway, due to my surgeon being extremely busy, apparently, Saturday the 24th is unavailable, so it’s now Friday the 23rd at 8am. I could have had the Saturday had I not delayed my decision so much. For those who aren’t in Ireland, cosmetic surgery has been having a bad run in the press here the last while, mostly because a woman who was having a weight loss procedure (called gastric banding) died after the operation. Gah. How absolutely awful. It freaked me out for a while, until I realised 1. I’m not having this procedure and 2. I always knew there were risks.
So I decided to continue on my quest for Actual Breasts.
Although, if I die afterwards, let this blog be a testament to my vanity and stupidity. Amen.

Anyway, so Black Friday is November 23rd. I’m still trying to organise all the post-op stuff, like vitamins, easily cooked food, painkillers, the removal of all mirrors from my house. Also I need to buy some oversized button-up tops and drawstring trousers and hats to hide my unwashed, smelly hair.
Christ, I’m going to look like a cross between the homeless cat lady from The Simpsons and a housewife on antidepressants.

3 Responses to “Black Friday”

  1. Um.. I am interested in how your boobs turned out. I am considering having mine done and researching everything possible now. Hope it all went well.

  2. alex94 said

    Hey, yes my surgery went fantastic…thanks! if you look around the blog I’ve pretty much kept it up to date with my progress and tips etc. Glad you’re researching it. I would say go for it– it’s certainly the best thing I’ve ever done.

  3. Natasha said

    Hi im also planning on having new boobs, but just dont know where to start and was wondering who u went to for ur new boobs. Id rather go somewhere that i know has done a good job on someone else. Ive got to save for a few months but im totally dedicated and i want to book in advance to have something to look forward too. Would b grateful if u could get bk to me, many thanks.

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