One week to go and I’m feeling…Shit

November 15, 2007

This time tomorrow and a week I’ll be newly boobed up. Yes, the time is almost upon me. And how am I doing, in this time of change and major surgical procedures?
I’m getting the ‘flu, I’m having trouble getting seven full days off work, my house-mate is changing her weekend plans every other day, I have no preparation done around the house (apparently this is something that is important) and I’m worried I’m going to die/be scarred for life/regret this forever. On top of all that stuff I have to stop smoking and stop taking painkillers or any other drugs. I’m not an addict, OK, but at the moment I need some pharmaceutical interventions to get me through this ‘flu and stress. And I NEED A SMOKE.
Calm, calm, calm is important. Instead of panicking and freaking myself out I must restore energy levels through healthy eating, rest and meditation on why I am doing this.
Yeah RIGHT, that’s going to happen. It’s official, I’m freaked out.
I think I’ll actually just pretend it’s not happening and go on as normal until early Friday morning when I get into a taxi to go to the clinic. That’s a good plan, yes?

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