Four days to go…

November 18, 2007

Seriously, I wish it was just tomorrow. I’m starting to unneccesarily freak out about stuff. On a positive note: my ‘flu is fading, I’ve managed to cut down to about two cigarettes a day, and I got a good reaction when I told my family. I was surprised by that, I thought my Dad would either A. mumble and leave the room or B. lecture me on spending 6000 euro on my body. But they were cool about it. I feel so much better knowing I have support. Tip: if you’re planning this and planning not to tell anyone (like I was), think again. I haven’t even had the surgery yet and I know I’m going to need help. Also, people reacted more positively than I thought they would. Well, most people. Obviously there are going to be people who think I’m crazy. But fuck them.

On the bad side, I still haven’t got enough days off work, I have no planning done, and oh yeah, I’m freaking out. I guess it’s because I don’t know what to expect really. How much pain will I be in? What if I get an infection? How big will I be? Will my housemate (and workmates) notice? How long will it take for the scars to fade? I can look up all this stuff and talk to the girls on the forum, but everyone is different so I just have to wait.

OK I need to shut up. This is a waste of a blog post.

I’ll be back again before my surgery. Then I’ll be back every day with DETAILS (And post-op photos).

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