Day Zero

November 22, 2007

Just a quick post to say goodbye….to my old boobs! And to the old ‘me’. Surgery in 13 hours (6am). Getting weirdly sentimental about my body- after all, we’ve been with each other for a long time, through fat and skinny, sickness and health, misery and happiness… I’m taking risks just to have bigger breasts and I’m not regretting my decision, just thinking about it.
I have to start fasting soon (no food, water or chewing gum) and I’m also getting my shit ready for next week and washing my hands religiously with anti-bacterial soap. (The last part isn’t an official instruction from the clinic, I’m just germ-freaky).
Tip to those considering a boob job (and believe me, there will be many more tips to come I’m sure): if you’re really, really sure, and you’ve done your research and you have the money, don’t leave a huge gap between your consultation and your surgery. The wait is a nightmare.
Speaking of nightmares, I’m off home to scrub myself, not eat or smoke and try get some sleep. I shall post back on Saturday. Wish me boobs xx

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