The day of surgery

December 5, 2007

So I had my boob job on Friday November 23rd, at about 9am. I say ‘about’ because the time from when I got to the clinic at 6.30am and the time I fully came around from the anaesthesia is a weird, twilight zone memory.
When I arrived, a nurse brought me up to my bed in a ward with about 8 beds, it looked like your standard hospital ward. I was expecting some fancy private room, not a hospital setting, with IV tubes and curtains and nurse stations.
Anyway, I had to undress, put on a gown and these vile white compression stockings (so sexy) and scrub my chest with antibacterial soap. After all this fun, the surgeon came around and asked me more questions, confirmed what size I wanted, and took ‘before’ photos. Which I’m sure are fabulous. He also drew “cut here” lines on my chest with a big purple marker. I then watied for some time (not sure how long) in a kind of daze.
I was really calm and silent, no panic or anything. I was led into theatre and this is when the dream-like quality kicked in. I felt like I was underwater or something. I remember lying on the bed and seeing loads of nurses etc above me, reassuring me.
The anaesthetist stuck a very large needle in my lower arm and I waited to fall into oblivion. Last thing I remember is a purple oxegen mask thing being lowered onto my face and thinking “Why am I still awake?” I think I felt a bit drowsy, then sweet nothingness. Of course I don’t remember the nothingness. Next thing I know I’m back in my bed with an IV in my arm and an oxegen tube in my nostrils, moaning with pain (yes) and shivering like crazy. The girl in the next bed, who was going in after me, said I was crying going “Owww it hurts, it hurts” or some such rhubarb. I’m such a wimp.
I just remember an awful, throbbing pain in my nipples (even though my incision site was the crease) and being absolutely freezing. I kind of slept/passed out for a while then. A nurse came over and propped me up (my arms were useless from this point until about four days later) and gave me water and food. I was starving, what with all the fasting and surgery. I took off my gown and put on my PJs and got my first look at the new girls.
I was expecting huge, swollen, bruised things but instead saw nice-looking, only slightly swollen breasts. They swelled more as the day and night went on but that’s normal.
I stared at them like they weren’t mine and then just went back to sleep. It’s a weird feeling.
Anyway, the next few hours and days weren’t fun city. The first night was bad because you have to sleep basically sitting up so the impants don’t end up in the wrong place, and for circulation to flow to the wounds. I, like most people, sleep curled up on my side so I found it hard.
For people wondering about pain right after–it’s not that bad. It’s less pain, more this heavy, tight, stiff feeling as your skin and muscles stretch. Plus you’ll be on painkillers, so don’t worry about the pain. The worst bit is the muscle strain, which can be dulled with painkillers but which means every action becomes a struggle.
Walking upright (I walked hunched over for days), pulling up pants, pulling tops over your head, hoisting yourself up with your arms…all this is hard for the first few days.
After a few days I became less stiff and then the twinges started, mostly in my ribs and inside my breasts where the muscle was healing.
Remember I got my implants placed under the muscle, which is more painful with a longer recovery time, but which generally gives better results in the long run, especially for women who were small breasted to begin with.
Anyway, I would divide my recovery into two phases: getting used to the new boobs and the muscle pains/twinges they bring, and then looking after the scars. This is a bit of a pain in the ass. I’m currently in this phase now.
I’m on day 12 post-op and I’m doing good. Swelling is minimal, they’re not even that big, just a nice full C cup. They’re still pretty high but getting softer, I’m massaging gently every day (which feels weird. You can’t feel the implant moving or anything but you can feel it. It’s a nice, squishy, booby feeling 🙂
My scars are very noticable but it’s only been over a week (as I’m telling myself daily). They’re still covered in big plasters and as a result the surrounding skin is kind of red and raw. Also itchy.
The whole bra scenario is a whole different story…more on that later.
This probably isn’t full of the right detail. I’m trying to remember what I wanted to know pre-op but I was mostly worried about not waking up from anaesthesia, and about getting an infection. So far no infection (I was on Augmentin for a week) and obviously, I did wake up from the anaesthesia. So yay-men to that.
Anyone worried about the anaesthesia? Don’t, it’s the best part. It’s amazing to be completely knocked out, thoughtless and painless, while you go through what, lets be honest, is pretty invasive, what with all the muscle slicing, incision manipulation, and implant squashing…
It’s like a split second in your head– lying on operating table– then lying in bed with new boobs. Yay!

One Response to “The day of surgery”

  1. Melissa said

    This is the first page I’ve read so far (Day of Surgery) and I am so excited to read the rest! This is one of the best sites I’ve found as far as trying to get details of the surgery and recovery. My date is scheduled for April 17th…silicone gel. I THINK I’m going for 375cc….still so uptight about making that decision.
    Thanks! I look forward to the rest!

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