Recovery, day 5 on

December 10, 2007

This is where it eased up for me. I could use my arms again (slowly) and I could put stuff over my head. I also tried on a sports bra for the first time. THAT moment made it all worth it for me. At that exact moment, as I looked in the mirror and saw something I have wanted since I was 16, I finally realised that I DID IT! Focus on this moment, ladies.
It’s not all plain sailing from here–but it’s easier. The mornings are still pretty bad. But I kept taking the painkillers as timed until they ran out, then I bought more because I still needed them in the mornings.
I was still wearing the boob tube bandage at this point too, which annoyed me because my nipples started to hurt (they still look kinda squashed!)
I still took things slowly though. Get a lot of rest and don’t over-exert yourself.
After day 7 I could put on a sports bra, THANKS BE TO JESUS because (and this is pretty gross) my boobs had this weird, greasy look and feel because they were cooped up in the tight bandage. I started panicking thinking I had this weird secretion. But apparently it’s normal, just vile. I could also shower after day 7 too, as long as I changed my incision plasters and kept them dry.
At this point I was still kind of worried about complications, I guess I can’t help being a worrier. But it’s pretty normal to have moments of panic I think…So I’m taking it a day at a time. Tomorrow is my last day of covering my scars, and in one month I can wear underwire…YAY. At the moment I’m massaging and waiting for them to soften. One is actually harder than the other (my right) this could be ‘cos I’m right handed…
Also in week 2 I was still stiff in the mornings and couldn’t completely lie on my tummy or side in bed, but that passes.
I’m trying to think of more details, I guess me saying “It hurts a bit” and stuff isn’t much help. I was pretty much back to normal life, which for me is pretty unstrenuous anyway. I wasn’t having sex which you have to wait a while to do and I don’t lift heavy stuff, or exercise, or dance around…wow I’m a poster girl for the good life, aren’t I??
You have to wait about a few weeks to do all this stuff anyway.

Things that are normal, but that you may worry about:

1. Pain in ribs and upper abdomen–I was like “Gah! My muscle has split open!” and stuff. But of course this area will hurt as your muscle heals.
2. Itchy, tingly scars
3. Sudden sharp pain inside boobs (I don’t know what causes this but I asked and it’s normal! And doesn’t last. It’s more like a small, fleeting stitch than a pain.)
4. One breast softening first
5. Uneven scars–I freaked about this–but my left scar is slightly longer, not much. A nurse said to me, think of each breast as a different entity–the surgeon does each separately and manipulates them differently–he must have had to make a bigger hole in my smaller boob.

15 Responses to “Recovery, day 5 on”

  1. Robynn said

    hi. can i ask what type of breast implants did u have? u can have round ones or tear dropped shaped which ones do u think are best?

  2. alex94 said

    Well I have round silicone implants, they’re not shaped in any way–think that’s less common here than in the States. Your surgeon will know which is best for you…I mean it depends on what size you want and what you want to look like. My own PS said he did not really like using the teardrop shape as he saw no actual benefts to it and so sticks with round, smooth implants.
    Mine were put under the muscle too so it’s slightly more painful, but if you have bigger but droopy breasts, I would imagine they would go over the muscle…but I’m not sure. Are you happy with the surgeon you chose?

  3. Robynn said

    yeah im going to spain to get mine done. i dont have a chest at all im only a size A cup, always have been apart from during my pregnancy, my boobs arent saggy or drupy, they dont look any different from what they would if u were just reaching puberty, if u get me, they are very firm and look good in place just not in size. im gonna have them put under the muscle alot safer and thank you for your help i`ll go for the round implants, at least then when they start to weigh they wont be touchin my knees lol like the most probably would with the tear drops shape thank you your a great help

  4. alex94 said

    No problem and I know what you mean, I was tiny too, and now I’m a full C cup and it looks great because it suits my frame and the rest of my body. Best of luck with the surgery and just think, by this summer you’ll be looking fabulous in a bikini πŸ™‚

  5. robynn said

    hi, i was wondering is it a sports bra or a support bra i need after my surgery and how long after surgery do i need to wear it, also could u give me any personal advice about it, thanks

  6. alex94 said

    Check with your surgeon…but it’s generally a sports bra that is recommended. You can get them pretty cheap in H&M and Primark and places like that. Buy one in a bigger size than you asked for (eg buy Cs if that’s your target size and then one D, because you may be swollen and bigger right after surgery). Also maternity bras are brilliant for comfort and support. As long as the bra has no wire or metal it’s OK. I wore mine for three weeks after, then moved on to just normal non- underwired bras, although I still occasionally wear a maternity bra because it’s so comfy. You should wear it at night too, don’t leave them unsupported.

  7. Tina said

    hi i had under muscle implants 3 days ago and feel like i have made a mistake they are sore and hard and high and i am terrified this is it….how long before your swelling and pain went away.

    Thanks xx

  8. alex94 said

    Hi Tina, don’t worry I felt the same only 3 days afterwards…it’s normal! They’ll be hard and high for a little while but the pain should start easing up. After a week my pain was much better, keep taking painkillers and don’t do anything strenuous, just lie around and rest… soon they’ll soften up and start to drop and you’ll feel much better. But it takes one or two weeks so hang in there. The pain and discomfort is normal so don’t worry about it.
    Happy recovery!

  9. qdulany63 said

    I just had mine done on 2/4/08. I basically slept on and off for the first 3 days. I have silicone cohesive gel under the muscle. It is painful and I have taken just about all my meds. Each day gets better, but it is hard to wait for the final results which may not show until around 6 month or more. I don’t have much patience!! But, if I could do it over again, I would in a heartbeat. My implants are high and right now it appears I will be larger than a full C, which was what I wanted. But the day of surgery, I told my PS to make me in porpotion. He asked if he had to err on the side of smaller or bigger, I told him bigger. I am 44 and have waited all my life for this day. The pain, which will go away, is and was well worth it. Good luck to all. One thing I will add is don’t be concerned with what anyone else thinks or says. Like the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. It’s my life and I want to be happy!

  10. alex94 said

    Well said! Each day does get better and I agree, it was the best thing I ever did! Good luck with your recovery and happy bra shopping πŸ™‚

  11. Sheila said

    HI Alex, i got mine on March 21 and it will be 3 wks tomorrow. I feel much better now except i feel like its sunburned and itchy around my breast. And i dont like the feeling when i wake up in the morning. I still fee the discomfort pain…Is that normal? Also my left breast feels much harder than the right one

  12. Melissa said

    to qdulany63

    I’m so glad I read your post at this moment. I’ve gotten the guilt laid on pretty thick around here from my family (mom, sister, etc….)….and I’m 41 years old!! My surgery is in 5 days~~enough wil the extra stress. “OH, what will people think?? How will I explain this???” I’m thinking…people will be THAT concerned with my boobs?? Really??? It all just irritates me that they can’t see beyond other people’s opinions. My friends are super supportive, but Grrrrrr…my family is really raining on my happy parade…

  13. Mel said

    I am on day 7 of my recovery and I just want to say thanks…this blog has been brilliant. I have had some bloody awful sensations (my favourite fizzing right breast) and more pain in my right than my left. This blog has kept me sane. Went on a bit of a sight seeing trip yesterday in London and may have over done it…I know about it today anyway!!!! So back to bed with a hot chocolate!!!!

  14. Christine said

    I am on week 6 of recovery and today was probably the most painful of them all(apart from the constipation i have suffered everyday) I was concerned but reading all of these posts makes me feel a better. I have to wear a bra strap for 3 weeks and no bra when possible as my boobs are sitting a bit high. I have been concerned with the sharp pains and soreness and the numbness. My boobs look great though and everytime i see them or touch them i can’t believe that i actually took the step to make me happy with my body. I was a 10aa and now i am a small d. i love them.

  15. Christine said

    I meant to write day 6.

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