You got a what??

December 11, 2007

So the sad day finally came when I had to strap in the new boobs and head back to work (The less said about my job the better, but just know it sucks, and my boss is an arsehole). I had kind of mentally prepared myself to answer questions about how different I looked, and I also got new hair to kind of deflect from it. But no one noticed much. My house-mate (who I didn’t see for a week, because through luck and my timing, she was away when I had the surgery and then I was away in my parents house when she came back) asked me had my boobs got a little bigger. I just hmmmmd her. I don’t really care what she thinks anyway. But no one in work noticed at all. Thank God. I didn’t go too big, in fairness, only to a C– but if you cleverly pad out your bra a while before the op it will be more gradual and people won’t notice. Say you went on the pill, or changed pill, or put on weight, or whatever. In clothes, and in the support bras, they are not that noticeable. I don’t want them to be, my aim was to have more there when I’m naked, if you know what I mean, and not necessarily look huge just walking around in clothes.
Today is day 18 post-op for me, over two weeks. I feel almost completely normal. I say ‘almost’ because I’m still wearing plasters on my incisions (only until tomorrow) and because at night and in the morning it’s still slightly stiff. Not bad stiff, it’s almost familiar stiff, because I’m used to it and my body is adapting. I can finally sleep on my side, though I have to find a new way to do this, as before I had nothing in between me and the mattress 🙂
They’re much softer now (the left one a bit more so) and I’m starting to think of them as my breasts rather than two foreign objects someone stuck on to me.
I can’t wait until the New Year–when I can wear any bra I want (hopefully) and I’ll really see some results…

4 Responses to “You got a what??”

  1. Kelly said

    One more question, how soon after your surgery were you instructed to massage them? And was it tolerable or really painful? Thanks and thanks for the insight.

  2. alex94 said

    Hey! I was told to start massaging them at my one week check up. The nurse told me to do it gently in circular motions, to kind of get the implant moving back into the pocket. It’s not uncomfortable exactly, it just feels weird at first. Mostly because at that time my implants didn’t really feel ‘part of me’ yet but as time goes on massaging them becomes much easier. Plus, you get to know the feel of them so you notice when they soften up and drop. Good luck with your surgery, it’ll all be over soon and you’ll look and feel amazing!

  3. Sarah said

    I’d really love to see a pic of you in a nice bra or bikini. I am so unsure about whether or not to get a boob job… I need to see what some look like when they are settled. I do hate my microscopic tits (I don’t even fill out 32a bras) and I’d love to go onto the beach with my boyfriend next year and be able to feel confident, instead of insanely self-concious. Can we see more pics? Sarah x

  4. alex94 said

    Hi Sarah, I promise there will be pics up next week! Braless and ones with a bra, and a few of me in tops. Mine aren’t completely settled, but they’re doing pretty good. Check back next Monday or Tuesday.

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