I’m A Celebrity, Get My Plastic Surgeon In Here

December 12, 2007

The recent appearance of Janice Dickinson on UTVs “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” was brilliant. Mostly because she is insane, but also because she isn’t afraid to admit every time she has gone under the knife (are you listening, Posh McFake Spice?)
Apparently before she went into the jungle, Janice had a chin tuck, a tummy tuck, botox, a boob lift, face filler injections, lip plumping, permanent make-up, you name it…she has had it.
And she looks OK:

But, as much fun as she was to watch in the jungle, it was slightly disconcerting to watch her face almost kind of melt when she sat by the fire…

Next in the “yay, they admitted it” list is Sharon Osbourne. I think she looks OK too, I mean a bit odd at times, and very obviously re-shaped, but compared to before she looks great for her age.
Check her out:

Hmm slightly scary actually.
But at least they admit they’ve had surgery. What is it that makes people ashamed? I’m not excluding myself from this, I don’t really want to admit it either. But before, I thought people were just trying to be secretive or lie, and now that I’ve had plastic surgery, I realise it’s not secrecy but fear of other people’s negative reactions. Which is a bit stupid, isn’t it?

2 Responses to “I’m A Celebrity, Get My Plastic Surgeon In Here”

  1. Melissa said

    Yes, I wish I could tell everyone so we can all just have fun with the idea….but, people will certainly be judgemental and take all of the fun out of it… 😦

  2. Gemma said

    I just wouldnt be able to bare the thought of having to explain why I would have it done- for me its because Im embarrassed about the way my body developed naturally. Didnt feel i was ‘normal’ or ‘feminine’ for years because I was missing something which I felt defined a persons gender. Now I realise that there are lots of people out there like me, and I cant tell you enough how this diary has comforted me. I cant believe Im not alone.

    After years of biding my time, I finally have made the first step towards my op. I have a consultation booked. I am going to find it difficult to get time off work, due to the nature of the job, which also requires me to do heavy lifting. This is my biggest worry- and also people knowing, which makes me feel sick at the thought.

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