Day 6 post-op pic

December 13, 2007


So here I am, day 6 after my surgery. This picture tells you a few things:

1. I’m bad at taking pictures,
2. I took it myself
3. My left (right in pic) was slightly bigger at first–it always has been, but it’s less obvious now for some reason.
4. I had no bruising and very little swelling.
5. I didn’t get huge implants.

They look different now, only over a week later. They look a bit more natural, it gets better every day. They feel much better now. Plus my scar dressings are gone.
I’ll put up better pics when I get some.

6 Responses to “Day 6 post-op pic”

  1. ana said

    Hi Alex. I just finished readin ur entire blog and i found it very helpful! I am planning on getting BA myself but stil thinking about it (and I’m broke). I also have a petite body with no breasts at all 😦 Pretty sad i know that’s why I want to get breasts implants. Im just wondering how come u never posted a before pic of urself. U mentioned in one of ur blogs tht u wer going to. I wish i could see (and I bet some people too) how big were urs before the implants and see if mine are nearly the same coz im realy flat chested and i want to find out if i ever decided to get the implants if mine will possibly come out like urs did. They are really fantastic by the way. Due to the fact that I am flat chested, I dnt have much tissue to cover the implants. I am scared they will look like posh spice’s! I dnt want that! I mean I am not skinny like her, we kinda have the same body frame. But what if my implants will look like two inflatable things that’s really obvious and horrible like Posh’s because I dnt have enough breasts tissue. Thts what I worry about the most. I wish u could post a before pic or something. Thank u so much and god bless!

  2. alex94 said

    Hey! Thanks for your comment. You’re right I DID promise more pictures and I can only blame it on my broken digital camera– I will have a new one next week and there will be more post-op pics. I’m trying to get hold of one of my pre- op pics from my clinic so hopefully I’ll get one up here. I was really small– smaller than an A cup but I’m quite broad shouldered so I didn’t look in proportion at all. I had veerrry little breast tissue either. The PS told me at my last consult that it was “very tight in there” when he was putting the implants in (ew) so my 260cc implants are probably big enough for me!
    If I were you I’d go for a few consultations and talk to a surgeon about it– you won’t look like Posh, she probably looks like that because she’s had AT LEAST 2 boob jobs, is extremely skinny, and deliberately wears clothes that makes them look so fake. You would probably get them under the muscle so the muscle would mask the implant and you wouldn’t see the outline.
    Go for a consult and do some more research and keep thinking about it. If you really want it, you can make it happen!

  3. amy said

    Do you know if certain types of incisions are more painful and take longer to heal then others ? I think your site is very informative .Most of the sites I’ve seen only say it hurts for a few days and then your fine. I needed a better description which you provided .


  4. alex94 said

    Hi Amy, thanks for the comment. According to my surgeon, and my own research, each incision type depends on the person, but generally the crease incision is the least complicated and therefore the one most used. The length of scar healing time really depends on the person I think. The armpit incision is apparently slightly more painful at first but some people prefer it because there are no visible scars. The nipple incision is the most risky because it could affect sensitivity. I wanted the least complicated option so went for the crease but it also depends on your own surgeon and what s/he does best– so ask them for their opinion in consultation. Personally I didn’t like the thought of my nipple being cut! Good luck if you’re getting the surgery!

  5. sandra said

    I have a question I hope you can help me with. I am 5’9 and size 10/12 with saggy 36B’s before my BA. I went for small to medium sized implants -335cc anatomical (gummie bear) ones. I am extremely happy with them now, one week after the op, but worry that they won’t be big enough when they settle down and drop. I dolnt know what implants you had but am wondering if you found that yours got bigger or not over time? I didn’t go for larger ones as I didn’t want to look top heavy and have to buy special bra’s and buy all new clothes…wanted to still look slim but with boobs to fill tops and bikinis. But if they ‘ shrink’ when the swelling goes, than I panic that I might not be big enough. Havent’ got enough money to do this again! Please advise as to what your experience is.

  6. sandra said

    forgot to say that I really want to be a D cup, and am wondering if going from a B cup with 335 cc teardrop implants will achieve this…mayebe they ‘fluff’ as other people have experienced.

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