Breaking rule number one

December 18, 2007

Tonight is my work Christmas party…and believe me, it is HARD to find a nice top/dress to wear that looks good with the unpadded, nipple revealing, comfy bras. So just for today and tonight, I’m wearing my lovely H&M underwired, push up black bra because really, I have to look good tonight. The temptation was too much for me. This is possibly bad because the pressure from the bra might affect my implants or scars. I know this and yet here I am, still wearing the bra…does this mean I am really vain? I think so.
It doesn’t hurt or anything…and it’s four weeks since the surgery this Friday. So I’m hoping this doesn’t harm me. If it does, let this blog post be a testament to my possible stupidity…

EDIT: Almost a month since I wrote this post, and I’ve been wearing underwire on and off since then. So basically, I was wearing underwired bras from one month after surgery on– and there has been no damage that I can see. Or feel. They’re completely fine, and also some surgeons tell their patients they can wear underwire after a week– I really must find out why plastic surgeons have such different advice for the same procedure…

19 Responses to “Breaking rule number one”

  1. anonymous said

    i just got mine done 8 days ago. they didnt tell me not to sleep like normal… not that i can. i too normally sleep on my side or tummy, but i never slept sitting up. that is starting to concern me. i went to a very good doc, but he put in more than i asked for. i am starting to freak out as they seem to get bigger every day, they arent even, they are shaped funny with a kind of a bump on top, and the worst part is that my nipples are now super low… like not at all where they should be. is that just because they havent dropped all the way yet? did you have any of these issues? how long till its better. also my left one was always bigger but he put the same amount into each side so its still bigger… yikes. this isnt going as i had planned. and i did a lot of research, but i never realized that i wouldnt be allowed to wear a bra for SEVERAL weeks. i thought i would be in a surgical bra, then a sports bra for a while. instead they took the surgical bra away on day 4 and im not allowed to wear a bra at all for at least 3 more weeks?!?! seriously, not great during the holidays. i thought this would be a god time to do it so people wouldnt notice me missing from work. i am supposed to wear this ace bandage that i wrap around my chest a few times on top of my breast so my nipples stick out from underneath. its not easy to hide this and my nipples are super sensitive, but my breasts are sort of numb/sensitive all at the same time. wierd. did you feel any of this? also, will they drop a lot more? i hope they will but its already been over a week. and my right one kind of pokes out ont the side. i am really hoping that that is temporary till they are finished dropping. so far i am not impressed. i’m a little person and i just wanted a full B/small C. i feel like these are just way too big for my body time. also, what pain killers do they have you on… i dont think mine are working very well. oh and i never had the tube thing to wear. i feel like that would be MUCH easier to hide. no bra for 3 more weeks??? yikes 😦 are you happy with yours? will this get better? please advise!

  2. alex94 said

    Hey, congrats on your surgery and I think how you feel is pretty normal. I don’t think you should worry. It sounds like your surgeon didn’t give you much post-op info but really, all implants and boobs are kinda the same and we’ve to look after them the same way…so if I were you the first thing I’d do is ring your surgeon or even a nurse and ask them all this. If you can’t do that then buy yourself a comfy, non wired sports bra (maternity bras are good too) and just wear it. They just have to be supported by something with no wire or nothing that could affect the implants…you’re on day 8 so I would try stick with your bandage until maybe 14 days…could you get nipple padding? I bought strips of gauze stuff in a pharmacy and put them over my nipples with surgical tape, because like you my nippes were really sensitive.
    About the size and shape, now I’m not an expert…but that sounds pretty normal. One of mine is bigger too, this is also normal…and mine are still pretty high and round. When I wear a push up bra the tops of my boobs are really high on my chest. It can take a good few weeks for them to drop down and everyone’s different…try not to worry and you’re gonna feel better soon. The size will definitely decrease and I think it’s a good thing you’re a bit bigger…I wish I had gone bigger ‘cos when they do ‘deflate’ yours will still be a nice size.
    I just took Solpedeine which is like strong Tylenol that’s all they gave me. I think if you’re still in pain and worried go see someone about it but you sound pretty OK to me! If you’re really uncomfortable try wearing a sports/maternity bra and see how that feels. You should check out the plastic surgery forum I’ve linked to on the right of main page ( There’s some great girls there who are good to talk to.
    Good luck with everything and take care xx

  3. alex94 said

    P.S I am SOOOO happy I swear. You will be too. Remember why you got this done, it’s worth it. You’re going to look fantastic so just hang in there. And that tube thing I had to wear…BELIEVE me it was horrible! Guess everyone hates that part of recovery. I really did too. But give yourself even another week and you’ll feel better.

  4. anonymous said

    thanks so much for the help. sorry for the incredibly delayed response. seeing as how i am so responsible i lost my laptop. thankfully a nice honest person got it back to me. thats always refreshing. so it has offically been over 2 and a half weeks… it feels like SO much longer. i am getting more used to them, but i still think they are too big. i still have the bump on top but its not all round like i expected it to its more of an awkward shape. the profile isnt so hot. i still have the right implant poking out of side. did you ever have that as an issue? if you poke the little bulge you can feel it pop in and the pop out. this is what my friend an i refer to as ‘the alien’ boob. i dont know if i mentioned that before. nipples still super low. did you ever have that as an issue? i guess i thought by three weeks everything they would be where they should be for the most part. i havent been able to ask them any questions b/c i stupidly lost the laptop and then they have been off all week for the holidays. are you still documenting and didnt see anymore postings from you, but i suck at that stuff. i’m still numb and sensitive, should i be? i am still numb under my arms from the incision. it is such a wierd feeling. thanks again for replying. if you could answer any of these questions when you have time i would greatly appreciate it. i hope you had a great christmas and have a fun new year’s. oh and how long did they tell you that you couldn’t wear underwire?

  5. jenny said

    hi there. i’m only 3 weeks post op myself. but, my doctor explained these things to me at my first post op appt without me even asking. the nipples are low/pointing downward right now due to the swelling. as the swelling decreases and your implants drop to the natural position, the nipple position will even out to the normal position. i’m not sure about the swelling on the top. i have that too. i’m assuming that it is partly the swelling and partly that it will go away as the breasts drop. i’m also numb but daily i get better and it seems the feeling is coming back little by little. i was instructed to wear a sports bra for six weeks straight, 24/7. no underwire as the wire can push the implant and affect the ultimate position and shape that the implant takes on as your tissue heals around it. as for the “alien boob”, not sure. sounds like a question for your doctor. happy new year and congrats!

  6. anonymous said

    thanks again

  7. alex94 said

    No problem, I know how you feel it can be tough for a while. It all sounds normal to me except for the bit about it poking out at the side…when you get a chance go to your surgeon and check it out. I mean I doubt it’s serious but don’t worry about anything unless you have to, so try not to! They will drop and settle don’t worry. Mine have already dropped slightly although they are still pretty hard. Guess we just have to wait. I’m bad for wearing underwire, don’t do it. I was told to wait a minimum of 6 weeks, later this month I can probably wear it. But I’m going to stick with soft padded bras for another few month, during the day at least.
    Happy New Year to you too and enjoy your new boobs! I bet you look great. (Both of you 🙂

  8. alex94 said

    P.S The swelling on the top is really normal, as far as I was told. It varies from woman to woman though. It’s because of the intitial position of the implant, which is high on our chests until the muscles relax and the capsule around the implant softens slightly. If the capsule doesnt’ soften we’ll know about it because that is capsular contracture and can be very painful. Massge gently every day. The top part of the implant is much higher in our bodies than our natural beasts ever were so it looks swollen I think.

  9. mag said

    Today has been 4 weeks since my surgery..I dont really know how to feel… I feel like you can see the implant under my breast tissue and that i still have “torpedo” shaped boobs??? I hope this goes away… I really just wanted Ok boobs..

  10. alex94 said

    Are you thin and are they over the muscle? I think everyone is different…I mean you can definitely see the ‘shape’ of my implants still because they are very round, but as they drop it looks better. I think it takes a few months or even a year for them to completely settle in. The way I see it, I’m happy to have them and I think they look good now so they’ll look brilliant eventually. So will yours, and four weeks isn’t much…just hang in there!

  11. mag said

    No.. Im average.. and under the muscle… its weird.. they get a bit better every day..?? I dont know.. thanks.. I cant wait till they drop fully..

  12. alex94 said

    They do get better every day….mine are anyway. I didn’t notice them dropping, but they do, slowly.

  13. lindsey said

    hi ive just had my boobs done and its been 2 weeks i had no pain or anything so im quite lucky the problem is one of my boobs is much bigger then the other one looks a d and the other a dd did you have this problem and if so do they even out as i can really notice it thanks

  14. Kristin said

    OK so I am like the last girl that posted I had my surgery Feb 19 so its been 2 weeks yesterday. My left boob is naturally bigger and they added 390 to it and 420 to my right. Mine have dropped quite a bit already, I have the hump on top, completely normal, but my left brest is hanging (for lack of a better word) lower than my right. They are not sagging at all and my niples are even but it is like the left has dropped and the right hasnt. DO you think this could be because the skin has to stretch on the smaller one, hopefully?! please give me some insight, I am obsessive and want someones opinion!

  15. alex94 said

    Hi girls, I had both situations happen to me– my left one is slightly bigger and dropped quicker. I think it just depends on the muscle you are using and how each one heals individually. My surgeon told me each one is different to the other– they are two seperate wounds, if you like. For about a month my right one was much harder and higher– and slightly smaller too. I used my right muscle much more you see so it was harder. Eventually they will both get there, just maybe at different times– they’re both trying to do the same thing– settle in! I’d give yourself another few weeks both of you and try not to worry about it. You’re only two weeks– I promise it gets better and they even out! Mention it at your next consult (which I hope you have!) if you’re relaly worried. Congrats on the new additions and best of luck! Take care xx

  16. Yvonne711 said

    Hey Girls…Congrats to all! I to have the same problem. I refer to them as mangos. Hopefully they will look better soon. I like them but they aren’t too perky. they look better when I have my bandeau thingy on. Then they sit up and alert. I got them done on the 13th of February. My Valentines gift to myself. I’m thinking I should have went a bit bigger. I was an A cup and now am a full C. should have done a D. Oh well maybe next time if there is a next time. I’m 42…time crunch. Good Luck Ladies!!!

  17. SaraH said

    Hey everyone.. first i’d like to congrat all of us with da new addition to our body.. hope everyone is happy with it..!!
    I read through everyonez reply and it made me feel alot better… i thought i was the only one with one side slightly bigger than the other.. my right side is slightly smaller and lower… but people says it looks fine.. but i’m very observative… i mean i wanna be perfect that is why i got it done.. but now i feel like its not the same size… am i thinking too much???
    Somehow i wish i could have gone bigger….. i was a B cup and now im a C cup…. which after the swellness has gotten better my boobs got smaller but its still fine over all im happy with it.. i mean i don’t want it to be HUGE… but juz enuf to make myself feel better, build up my confidence…
    I was just wondering.. I have just had mine done on the 18th of feb and im wondering when the scar will fade???? how long does it take to fade? i mean i know it would be different to different people but usually about how long does it take to fade….??????? and how to i massage my boobs? do i have to becarefull when i massage it? and i don’t like to wear a bra to sleep… is that alrite? or should i wear a bra to sleep?

    Plzzz advice me…!!!!

  18. alex94 said

    The scars can take a year or more to fade properly…mine are still pretty visible. I’d recommend wearing a soft bra to bed, a sports bra is good, at least for the first two or three months. Don’t wear a hard or wired bra all night. I don’t sleep with a bra now, but I did for two months after, to support the implants as they settle in. But you’re a C like me and we don’t need as much support as bigger sizes, so do what makes you comfy. Just don’t wear underwire all the time 🙂

  19. SaraH said

    Thanx alex94…
    so when can i actually wear an underwired bra all the time? and how long have u got urs done? because my scars are still a bit red.. even though it doesn’t hurt anymore…!!

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