One month post-op

December 24, 2007

I made it! Exactly one month ago I was pretty miserable and in stiff, hunch-backed pain. It feels weird when I remember it now, like it didn’t happen. I swear sometimes I forget I actually had surgery, had a boob job. I feel no pain, they have dropped slightly already, and continue to soften up, despite the fact I’m not massaging as much as I should, and that I’ve worn underwire…ahem.

Last night I was joining John Lennon in thinking another year over, and what have I done? I was getting pretty miserable about it–still in the same job that I hate, living in the same place, still boyfriendless…I thought to myself, God I haven’t done much this year. Then I looked down and remembered that I actually DID do something this year, something I’ve been wanting for a long, long time, something that has made me happier…and boy, was it worth it. So if your surgery is looming, take a deep breath, focus on the end result, and just ride through it. Good luck to you, if you are getting it done. It’s one of the best things I ever did.

 Oh, and Merry Christmas 🙂

14 Responses to “One month post-op”

  1. kate said


    Im hoping you can email me back..
    Im on my second day post op and im really freaking out nad depressed.
    I was a small b cup and wanted to be a mid c cup, nothing that looked unnatural, and something that noone could tell id had anything done, i dont want anyone bar my boyfriend to know.
    Anyhow they look terrible!! and HUGE!
    There is no bruising so im lucky there but i look like a D cup and they look so horrible and fake.
    I really dont know what to do. Ive read through a few boob job journals and most of them the girls are happy with what they see straight after the op, im horrified 😦
    I wanted boobs half the size that they are now….is it possible that they will go down to half the size once the swelling goes down?
    I got (i think) 240ml tear drop.
    Really hope to hear back from you soon..
    Also how long until they settle to the size they are supposed to be?

    thanks so much!!
    ps/ please dont show my email address

  2. alex94 said

    Hi Kate,
    Day 2 is the worst, I felt pretty shitty too let me tell you. Mine were hard, high, sore, shiny and swollen. I had no bruising either but swelling, yes. I got 260cc put in so I was bigger than you and now I’m just about a C. Mine were pretty big the first week– remember the implant has not settled into your ‘pocket’ yet (the hole the surgeon makes to put the implants in). It takes time for them to settle and soften. Don’t worry because I really think everyone feels as you do, I definitely did. Some people are happy with the size right after surgery, and then disappointed with them as months go on– because they like them big. I was the opposite– I wanted them average looking, but still bigger than my natural size. In my first two weeks I wore a D size sports bra because they were swollen. In a week or two you’ll notice a diffeence and in about a month you’ll be around a C cup. Everyone is different though, yours could go down sooner.
    Give yourself time to heal properly and soon you won’t know yourself. I’m over two months now and they are great– MUCH softer, and they’ve dropped a lot so they’re not as high as they were. The reason yours look fake now is because they’re just sticking out but that’s gonna pass! Hang in there, keep taking your painkillers, relax and look forward to when you can feel and look amazing, that’s why you got it done remember! Take care.

  3. Elbie said

    Hi I just had mine done 4 days ago ~ I am ‘strapped’ until monday (exactly 1 week since surgery) I only had pain killers on the morning after surgery and although have some discomfort definately dont need any pain relief?? I dont know what they look like yet but am pleased with the ‘size’ (hope they dont deflate too much lol :-)) Have to wear a sports bra 24/7 for few weeks but will ask all these questions again on monday (at consultation little things didnt seem to sink in as such as was soo excited to be having it done at long last!!) Hope alls well at unveiling ~ can wait! Will let you know the outcome take care

  4. Melissa said

    The John Lennon comment couldmake me cry. This has been a year filled with tragedy and stress and sadness. This is the only thing I’m doing for just me….and, for some reason, my family doesn’t seem to think I have that right. I’m 41 and the VERY SINGLE mother of three wonderful children. If I had a boyfriend or husband, I don’t think they’d care. They just don’t understand doing something like this just for ME.

  5. Vanessa said

    I am exactly one month post op. I feel awesome! After 2 or 3 days of my surgery I hated it because they were so huge and I could touch the top of my breasts with my chin which was horrible. I went from a 34B to a 34C and it looks great. If you get a burning sensation or any gurgling, it’s normal! I had it for about 1 to 2 weeks and now it’s all gone!

    Good luck ladies!!

  6. Simona said

    Hi, it is 2 weeks since BA. I am starting to get out of depression now i think. I had 325cc teardrop implants. I hated the shape from the start. Now they are sort of starting to look normal. They said that your left one will settle into the pocket first(if you are right handed) but i think my right one has dropped now, cause they look different. I had to wear the elastic strap for 2 weeks on top not the bra(horrible experience )… I also had a lift done, so i have a few nasty stitches too. What I m trying to say is….things do get better after a few weeks, so hang in there and get lots of support from whoever is there fro you!!!!

  7. lou said

    hi, its nearly 3wks since ba. i had 380cc and they were massive and i thought i had made a big mistake about getting it done. They have gone down 2sizes already and are looking lots better, they now a d cup, i was a 32a before. i have been quite depressed tho with it all as i’ve been strugeling to do things and not sure if i should be cleaning as it still hurts abit and not got much help. I dont want to do to much and hurt myself but im not sure what i should be doing? my back has been aching lots too. Not sure if my support bra is right too but my dr said only wear it for comfort where as other dr’s say wear at all times! very confused.

  8. Cat said

    Hello I’m cat. It’s been nearly two days now. I know it ain’t that long.
    I’m feeling really uncomfortable, I cant seem to get on with the sports bra, really painfull, sore, hard, swollen, numb cant feel my boobs at all it really wierd lol. Finding it hard to breath.. Is this normal..??

    I had 385cc Overs,
    I was a small B-Cup and wanted a mid D-Cup
    thank you cat

  9. amber said

    im going in 4 it 2morrow as well as a nose job… wish me luck gurls… ill update u in a few days… if i can type that it:) xxx

  10. hayley said

    hi guys ad my op done 5 days ago feelin bit fed up 2day im so swollen and sore and my left boob dont alf hurt poor thing cant wait for finished result and to wash my hair im startin to look like edward scissor hands hope it was worth it

  11. Kati said

    I am 2 weeks post op today. I was a 32A and got 300CC. My goal is 34B. I feel much bigger than that still!! I was super depressed for the first week so I am glad to see other people were too. Me and my husband have been fighting because of it. He says my boobs are HUGE and hopes they go down some more. I feel the same way!!! I will say the first week was super hard and I did not think I was going to make it thru it. I am still numb aslo.

  12. Lisa said

    Hi…I’m a 28-year old mom who is now 4weeks po…as all of you I was shocked when I saw my boobs for the first time that I was afraid to show it to my husband…I thought to my self what did I do…I paid all this money to look like this…I went from a A cup to a higher C cup (365cc smooth saline)…it had nothing to do with the size I loved the size but because how uneven they looked…My left one was perfect, round almost where it should be but my right one was to high and almost squarish looking…the doc said it’s normal and it will take time to settle…well I’m 4 weeks now past it but I’m not seeing any difference in my right one (I’m right handed)…I have been said to wear the surgical bra at all times but couple hours a day where I should walk bra less and the strap as much as I can but must wear it when I sleep and I have been really good with that and my massaging…my last visit the doc said we will see how it does by 6 week check up…I’m afraid my right one will not drop…does it take longer than six weeks to drop? I’m getting little bit disappointed.

  13. melissa said

    Hi, i have always wanted a boob job and finally plucked up the courage to do so!I am very close to booking but just something is stopping me and i dont know what!! Im too scared they are goind to end up looking really fake and feel hard. the surgeon recommended a 340, i am a 32b now and dont want to be too big, i just want a bit of shape as im really tall and feel at the moment i look like a boy!
    to those that have had the op already, are your boobs now stiff or do they still move around?
    im scared they are just going to look like two big hard balls.
    Also which would you recommend, tear drop or round? i want the most natural looking.


  14. Lisa said

    Hi, I’m almost 3 months post op. I am 5′ 7″ tall, and weight 115lbs I was a
    34A and got 365cc smooth round saline to go to 34C :). At first as with Kati
    I was reallllyy big but that was the swelling and I did not worry much about
    it. Now I haves softened so much that they feel really nice the scare is
    almost invisible. First week was a hard but not as hard as I thought it
    would be. I had a lot of support from my husband and family. We both are
    really happy with the outcome, people that do not know that I had the
    surgery can not tell I had it done. It looks very natural and proportioned
    to my body. I can sleep on my belly without any problems and they are so
    natural that I forget they are implants.
    So, Kati tell you husband not to worry because they will settle in, drop
    down to a more natural position and become much smaller than what they wore
    the first week, he might hate it later that the swelling went down 😉
    Hope this helps.

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