Is there something different about you?

January 10, 2008

So, I’ve reached six weeks post-op and I’m feeling great. FUCK YES. I remember how worried I was before my surgery and wish I could go back and tell myself to calm down and stop worrying. I really must be a textbook case, because I’ve had no problems at all with the boobs. They’ve dropped almost completely into my natural shape and look identical to how they did before my surgery, just fuller and bigger. Still not really completely soft, but I know that takes months.
The scars are still visible but I’m using Bio Oil on them every day and will let you know if it does improve the appearance. I do think they’re slightly less red already.
But don’t use stuff like this on scars that are not fully closed or healed.

I have, however, reached the point where I THINK people close to me are noticing. Don’t know if I’m just paranoid, or they have noticed. I only told my family and my really close friends, oh and that guy I had sex with a few years ago (but that’s because he of course noticed straight away).
My other friends are definitely noticing, not really when I see them, but when they look at photos of me, it’s really obvious.
But what they are thinking is NOT that I’ve had a boob job, but that I look like I’ve naturally gotten bigger.
One girl I know (and don’t like) actually came out and asked me if I had a boob job–I just laughed and mentioned they’ve gotten bigger because I switched birth control pills….

But (and because people keep asking me) unless you go up to a triple D or something, NO ONE will notice, unless you tell them. I seriously doubted this before my surgery but now I know, from my own experience…the one or two people who asked if I had a boob job are people I don’t care about and they were even only saying it jokingly…no one in work has noticed, no one I casually hang out with, my best friend hasn’t even noticed…or if she has, she hasn’t said anything.

Some advice: if you don’t want people to know you got it done, gradually increase the size of your breasts before your surgery, using padding, those chicken fillet things, whatever you have. I did this for two months before my op and it was a great idea–no one in work has noticed at all.

I hope this doesn’t all sound hypocritical–since I’ve said I don’t like when people deny they’ve had surgery–but I tell the people important to me, not people I KNOW will think differently of me and give me shit about it, unless I have to. Not worth the hassle.

7 Responses to “Is there something different about you?”

  1. Lily said

    Really glad to hear everything with your surgery post op has gone well. Do you still feel like it was worth all the pain, money and inconvenience and has it improved your confidence?

    Just about to book my ‘free’ consultation (yet to find out what the hidden catches are and I’m sure there are many) and was wondering, now that you’ve been through the whole experience, what are the main questions you would ask in your consultation? You also mentioned that you researched your surgeon – how did you go about that other than googling reviews on that particular cosmetic surgery??? Now that you’ve hit the ‘magic 6 weeks post op’, does that mean you can go back to usual activity (ie. gym, lifting things, dressing without problem, wearing normal bras etc) or are you still restricted?

    On a completely different note, do you think your mates only noticed you had undergone surgery because of what you were wearing? Would they have noticed otherwise? As for the friends who do know, have they all been cool with it?

    Sorry for all these questions, but it’s great that there is someone out there willing to reveal all about the experience!!! I’m considering surgery for all the same reasons as you did (ie for my own self confidence and not for anyone else) and it helps massively when it comes to making the big decision!!!! Any words of wisdom would be great! x ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. alex94 said

    Hi Lily, I’ll be happy to answer your questions as best I can…thanks for the nice words. FIrst of all HELL YEAH I feel like it was worth it. A week after the surgery I felt it was worth it! IMO if you want something bad enough, you won’t regret paying for it. The pain was worth it, although I will be honest and say of course there were a few crazy bad moments…all on day 2/3 post-op I think….where I thought WHY did I do this? But that’s probably normal after surgery. And it has improved my confidence, I know this not just because I feel it but because people have noticed already…I literally used to walk around hunched over without realising…always always conscious of my chest. Now I forget it’s there.
    Questions I would ask the surgeon….knowing what I know now….hmmm, well I would definitely check about whether they will give you a prescription afterwards, which you will then need to go and fill, or will they just give you the drugs themselves…if it’s a prescription I would fill it beforehand if possible. Ask if you’ll be on antibiotics…I insisted on that although my clinic did it anyway. I’d also get very specific post-op instructions…what to wear, what will happen, how you should care for your scars. I kind of did all that myself because I don’t think I asked. And check about follow up visits. I don’t think there should be any catches in your free consult…That’s all I can think of now…what I will say is try not to worry! I had myself pretty freaked out. I actually convinced myself at one point that I wouldn’t wake up from the anaesthesia! It’s normal to worry but tell yourself you are going to be fine, you’re going to look great, and it’s all gonna be worth it…
    I’m not restricted at all….I’ve been doing everything pretty much…sometimes I feel a muscle twinge maybe after I’ve exercised but I know that is normal.
    About noticing (God sorry for the endless answer!) definitely—no one would have noticed had I not worn a low cut dress– which I couldn’t help doing! In normal clothes it’s almost impossible to tell. Plus remember I slowly stuffed my bra weeks before surgery to have this gradual increase in size. As for the friends I did tell, everyone was really cool about it. I was refusing to tell my parents and my sisters and when I did I felt so great, because of the support I got, and the encouragement. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! I think you’ll be surprised at the reactions from people, esp. if they love you. I was worried beforehand about what people thought but now I couldn’t give a shit ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best of luck with your consults! Let me know how you get on!

  3. alex94 said

    Oh yes, about checking out your surgeon….check if he is registered with the Irish Medical Council or the General Medical Council in UK…and check s/he actually has specialist cosmetic surgery training…you can do this by looking up their registration, by Googling them like you say, by simply asking the surgeon/clinic, by asking to see photos of past surgeries….but the main thing is how comfortable you feel with the surgeon. I liked mine straight away.

  4. Lily said

    Thanks very much for your answers. I’m still weighing up the pro’s and con’s and to be honest its people’s reaction that I’m most scared about (especially when you see the posts on your earlier blog). I’m also a bit concerned about the lifespan of the implant and having to go through it potentially again in 5-10 years time. At the end of the day I just want to feel good instead of constantly low about the way I am in the chest area. I totally understand where you are coming from when you say that you used to walk around hunched up. I know it won’t solve all problems but I’m hoping it will give me the confidence to feel good and that’s what really matters. I just wish it wasn’t such a taboo subject! Maybe I should move to L.A.! x

  5. alex94 said

    That was my main concern too…people’s reactions. And yeah, some people think getting a boob job is silly, stupid and even wrong. But these people aren’t us and I won’t let them affect me. If you get this done, you won’t believe how it will change you– for the better, inside. I just feel like a whole person now instead of one who feels like there is something missing or lacking, and I won’t let people tell me I’m wrong for feeling like this. But for every person (in my experience) you may meet who thinks you shouldn’t have got it done, there will be five people who support you and help you and tell you you’re doing the right thing if it will make you feel better. Also, unless you’re planning on doing a Jordan, most people in your life prob won’t notice unless you tell them. There was one girl I know who I don’t like much…who commented on it when I wore a low cut dress over Christmas. I just ignored her and put it down to jealousy– because I looked great in that dress ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yeah the lifespan thing is annoying, but 5-10 years is just a guidance. My surgeon told me he has patients who got it done over 10 years ago and still look great. Plus a re-do is cheaper, easier and much less painful. I am actually planning and getting a re-do anyway in about five years, up to a D cup. Bring it on!
    Good luck with whatever you choose and don’t let anyone else (even me!) affect your decision.

  6. Jo said

    Hey there, i am thinking of having it done in a few months, and was told i only need 1 wk off work? do you think this is enough time? i don’t want to go to wrk looking like i have 2 balloons up my chest!! I wrk in a school, so can only have it done in school hols, am to exited to wait till august!

  7. hayley said

    hi, Im nearly 3 weeeks post op (2nd june 2009) now 20th june. Ive had under muscle high profile silicone 395cc. Im 5’5″ slim size 10. Im still in a lot of pain, like swelling, and constantly every 8 hours on ibroprofen, and 4 hours (inbetween), a paracetamol. I wasnt given antibiotics, and am still controlling, and waiting for pain. I think I will phone the Doctor tommorrow, and ask for antibiotics. nice to meet you.

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