Pain when there should be none

January 29, 2008

Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog, and actually I have a great post half written in response to some fucking dick who mailed me with “28 reasons not to get a boob job” (the reasons included: you can die, it’s pathetic, men don’t like it, and other such bullshit) but I haven’t managed to finish it because I’ve been sick this last week. Not boob sick, just had that awful vomiting bug. I won’t go into details but trust me, it was violent.

Anyway also in the last week, I’ve noticed a mild and occasional pain in my left breast, it’s kind of a milder version of the original pain, if you know what I mean. I had a mini freak out until I noticed my left arm was also occasionally sore. It’s not BAD pain but it comes and goes. My completely uneducated guess is that it’s my muscle aching. Maybe I’m doing too much?
I’m just a little over two months post-op and I really hope this doesn’t mean I have some problem. Mostly because the anti- implant idiots would love it.
I have my two month check up on Thursday with my surgeon so I’ll talk to him about it. I should also mention that I have a ‘weak’ left arm, ever since I was a baby, due to a bad birth and an incompetent obstetrician. Maybe it’s just strained.

Other than that I’m doing good. They look more natural…they’re softening…and the scars seem to be slightly less scar-like…but maybe that’s just my imagination.

11 Responses to “Pain when there should be none”

  1. Hayley Kim said

    Today is day 3 after my surgery, and after having my first bath (well if you can call sitting in an inch of water a bath!), and really the first time i have seen them properly, i have spent the last hour crying my eyes out i was in a panic as they looked so big and un natural, however, after reading your diary, i sudenly feel 100% more possitive. Thank you, was in a right state thinking this was it, i know that they are still swollen, but only after you explained it do i now understand that they should look, feel after each stage after surgery.
    anyway, just wanted you to know this has helpped, and i’ve now decided i’m now not gonna try and cut them out myself. ha ha!

  2. alex94 said

    Thanks for your comments and you’re right to be relaxed and don’t worry, they will of course settle in and “go down”, the swelling will go and you’ll look amazing. I definitely had some crying time after my surgery, I think we all do!

  3. Hayley Kim said

    Its nice to know i’m not completly cracking up! ha ha
    Was my first day back to work today, and i had had my hair dyed brown (obviously i was blonde previously) it was a distraction, andto be honest no-one even noticed the boobs, i think i made an effort of shug my shoulders,pull my jumper over and try to cover them as much as poss, just in case. but i have got to the point now, just one week after where i am happy with the results even in the last few days they have already gone down so much, and i am really starting to enjoy them, and look forward to the next few weeks!
    Thanks again.

  4. kate said

    hayley kim, i am going through hell right now with my boobs, they lok so much bigger than what i wanted, im on day 3.
    They art sitting up high or anything, they are just like two huge torpedos on my chest, i hate them so much.
    Can you please tell me what size you got? i got 245cc, and can you please let me know how muh yours went down? (was it like 1 cup size or what?)
    also how long did it take for hem to go to the size you wanted?

    Im really really scared that they are not going to go down muchmore than they are now, they are WAY To big, i only wanted to be a small c i look like a d cup or a suer large c.

    I am really thinking abot getting themn taken out

    hope to hear back from you soon..

    thanks so much!

  5. alex94 said

    Kate, I think you’re freaking yourself out over something that is going to pass– I understand completely what you’re going through, the first week is hard and all sorts of things are going through your head…I def. had a ‘what did I do’ moment, loads actually. But your size is going to decrease– I had 260cc put in, bigger than yours, and I’m just about a full C cup. The swelling started going gradually for me after the second week, so hang in there and if you’re really worried, go back to your surgeon or even your GP.

  6. Hayley Kim said

    Hi again, and hello kate, i totaly agree with Alex, you shuldn’t panic its far to early to tell. i also had major panic and was really upset days after the op & for the first week. You know there is even a name for the torpedo look after surgery altough i can’t remember it, everyone has it, its also because your skin it streched, and over time this will loosen and the boobs should drop and look more natural. i had 300’s and after surgery i was a D but now after 2 week (today) they have gone down for so much and i’m already a C cup. well a large C cup. i bet by today you are alreay seeing the differnce! i hope so anyway!!!! it will actually take about 2 month befopre the full swelling goes down (so i have read) I hope you feel slightly better, but in my experience….ater 2 weeks you really start to enjoy them and remember why you had them done! sending my support! x

  7. considering boob job said

    considering a boob job. when did you get yours? are you happy with it or do you regret?

  8. alex94 said

    I got mine on November 23 2007, I’m just four months post-op and it’s the best decision I ever made. I’ll never regret it! I was so worried beforehand but I love them and can barely remember what I looked like before. If you’re considering, do your research, find a surgeon you like and trust, and ask yourself if you really want this– because there’s no going back! Not that I ever would go back. Good luck!

  9. boobs on the brain said

    ok, i’ve paid the deposit and scheduled my surgery for 5/2. can anybody tell me about what the implants feel like afterward? will i feel like i have foreign objects in my body for the rest of my life? what about sleeping on your stomach? i am 38 and have had two kids. the dr is the best in town and he said i am a great candidate b/c i had major stretching of skin during pregnancy and breast feeding, and i had tissue mass loss afterward. he says i am a b cup (i don’t know how) but that they just ride low. he said i’d need 375 cc medium profile round saline under the muscle and i’d be a full c, small d. i’m 5’4″ 110 lbs, a size 2 or 4. does this sound logical? i just need to hear other women say this is a good idea. i went on a trip to the caribbean with my husband this spring and was so depressed with my shape! i felt like i had the chest of a 12 year old. i want bigger boobs, but i am very nervous about the surgery.

  10. alex94 said

    Hey, it’s totally normal to be nervous. The day before my surgery I was very emotional and nervous. But you will be fine and of course it’s worth it because this is what you want.
    As for the feel of the implants, at first I couldn’t even feel mine, I avoided touching them because they were hard and tender. After a week and then two weeks, a month etc, they became softer and massaging them, I could feel the softness of the silicone but not the outline of the implant, if you know what I mean…mine still have softening up to do. The size you’ve chosen sounds great– you’re roughly the same height as me and I’m a full C and I look very much in proportion.
    Best of luck with the surgery, come back and let us know how you get on. Hang in there it’s SO worth it 🙂

  11. Kate snell said

    I’ve had 330 implants put in they don’t look big at all really. I went under the muscle so does it take a long time for the muscle and skin to strech if so how long? Kate

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