Pics coming soon!

March 27, 2008

I PROMISE I’m putting pics up very soon, Monday at the latest. I’ve been away for two weeks, but I finally have my new camera so I’ll take some good ones and post them asap. Now is actually a good time to do it because mine have softened and dropped a lot….I’m in love with them :)See you all soon!  

5 Responses to “Pics coming soon!”

  1. Jessica said


    I’m about 2 wks. pre-op…and I smoke. I have heard many different things about smoking before undergoing anesthesia and I just need to hear advice from someone that maybe has smoked pre-op…I think I’m just feeling butterflies. Can you help me?


  2. alex94 said

    Hey Jessica, well yeah I did smoke the week before my surgery….but not a lot. I did freak about it. But I was fine….you’re told not to smoke because it affects the blood’s ability to clot and therefore heal…but I had one the day before my surgery because I couldn’t help it! Didn’t affect me at all. My advice is do your very best to cut down now, then the days before try to stop. But don’t worry we’re young and healthy….so nothing will go wrong. Best of luck! Get a shit load of chewing gum 🙂

  3. Sarah said

    Post pics!
    i am almost 2 weeks pre-op. scared out of my mind! but nonetheless excited. I can’t waaaaiiitt!

  4. janet said

    i am dying for photos pls share!

  5. Kristin said

    Hey Alex! I’m one month post op!! I’m still kinda disappointed; one of my breast is larger and higher than my other. Before the op they were almost perfectly proportion and even. I would love to post a pic and get your option to see if I’m just being crazy or if there is still swelling. Is it possible for me to post a pic?

    My breasts are still pretty hard but they are starting to soften up. Should I be messaging them? My Dr. has not mentioned messaging but I’m pretty sure that is what I’m supposed to be doing.

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