August 18, 2008

You know, saying sorry for neglecting my blog, and all the lovely people who left comments and asked questions, doesn’t really make up for the fact that I…well, neglected my blog and all the lovely people who left comments and asked questions πŸ™‚

If it’s any consolation, I have been travelling in South America all summer and literally got back this week. Amazing time…more on that later! I FINALLY have some pics to upload. They’re not recent (well, they’re from May- 6 months post-op) but they’re pretty much the same now…except they’re more tanned!

Sorry in advance for the bad quality/dodgy angles…I took them myself, in my bedroom, so they’re not great! I wore a padded plunge bra from H&M in some (love that fucking bra!) and a non-padded black bra from Marks and Spencer in the others. Size: 34C.

Anyway hope you’re all well and I’m gonna get to the questions. Please keep leaving comments. If this blog helps even five people feel better about themselves then it’s worth it. Post your experiences, pics, feelings, any negativity you’ve experienced…’cos here we’re among friends!!

P.S Anyone who wants a 34C and wants to know what implants I have- 260cc silicone, under the muscle, crease incision. My scars are not completely gone, not 100% happy about that…my ADVICE for today is: BUY scar therapy/cream/oil and use it twice a day! I didn’t. That shit has been proven to work. Actually tomorrow I’ll blog about a new one I was told about, that’s expensive but supposed to be AMAZING.

Anyway I’m off to bed…still jet lagged!
Love to all xx

9 Responses to “I’m BACK”

  1. K said


    What size was you before the op?


  2. alex94 said

    Hey, I was an A cup, very small, 34A. I am now 34C

  3. dana said


    nice boobs!

    i just 240ccs, im 4 weeks post-op. was 34A pre-op
    and im only 5’0 110lbs. it seems im not even a full B post op. or does this get bigger as the months go by?

  4. Nikki said

    I just want to say that they look AMAZING! i cant afford it yet but definately plan to have a boob job asap (im a 34a) and i hope to god they look just like yours!! x

  5. Nikki said

    oh and another thing.. where did u get them done? im sure it says in a post somewhere but i cant be bothered to trawl through them. I did notice you live in ireland though. Looking at your results, i’d definately be willing to go to ireland (im in england)

  6. alex94 said

    Hi Nikki thank you πŸ™‚ those pics aren’t great but I am happy with them! I got them done at the Hospital Group in Dublin (http://www.cosmeticsurgery.ie/), my surgeon was brilliant. Have my yearly check-up soon. Best of luck if you do get it done x

  7. klcarps said


    I am scheduled for a boob job in 2 weeks-I’ve been thinking about it every since I lost some weight and therefore all of my boobs. But I am SCARED. I think my main issue is with recovery-I teach and own a dance studio, and I MUST be able to dance after 3 weeks of the surgery-is that a possibility? Some doctors say yes, some maybe…I imagine it has to do with how your body heals, but I need some real post-op girls telling me how it is. Also, I do trapeze dancing, and I need to know how long it will take for me to get back on the trapeze. This is something I really want but only have 3 weeks available to do it and UNFORTUNATELY i do not have a desk job. HELP!!!!

  8. erin said

    hi alex! i got my breasts enlarged 2 months ago and wish i would have found your blog 6 months before that. its really helpful as well as accurate.

    i got 350cc above the muscle through the nipple implants and they’re healing nicely. i was a 32b before and wanted to go to a C, but went bra shopping and am now a 32dd. i think they look great when i look in the mirror, but being told you are a 32dd is somewhat disconcerting.

    i haven’t told many people i did this and don’t have anyone to talk to about it, so sorry if i sound whiny.

    anyway, i guess my point is that, as im sure you know, although my surgery was a success and it wasn’t terribly painful, it was by no means a quick fix and was extremely time consuming, expensive as well as STRESSFUL.

    glad you love your girls, hope i feel the same sometime soon.


  9. mary said

    Hi there, congratulations on the great blog. You look very beautiful in your photos. I too had a B/A done about 4 weeks ago and googled “recovery” today to see how I am going & ended up here! I was a 34A (although I was never properly measured because I was always too embarrassed by how tiny I was). I got 240mls, round, textured silicone, under the muscle. I will be a full b to small c according to my surgeon, which for me is ideal. For anyone who really wants this done, I absolutely recommend it. All I wanted was to look like a girl and to have something to put in a top. I was never looking for attention – in fact the total opposite. I spent about a year and a half thinking about it and finally decided that life is too bloody short and just got it done. I have not regretted it for a single second. It does hurt a good bit for the first few days but you are medicated through that. They look scary and bulbous at first but every week I see an improvement. I have told my immediate family and partner, that’s all, who were all very supportive. I am pretty sure that no one else has noticed anything. My only advice to anyone thinking of doing it is to go to your GP first to get a referral for a brilliant surgeon. That’s what I did and it has really eased any worries I might have otherwise had because you know you are in a very safe pair of hands. My boyfriend was involved in the decision making process with me. We were both worried he wouldn’t like them. When I first came home and showed him, he was very white and shaky. Now every time he sees me get changed he gets erm…well y’know!! Trust me, the man in your life will be very happy with your choice! Last thing, getting this done does NOT mean you are slutty/bimboey/over sexed or whatever. I got this done just before turning thirty, having saved money from doing my very hard job and finishing my long education. Everyone has the right to control their own body and how it looks. I suspect that anyone who would criticise my choice has no idea what it is like to go through your teens and twenties with a very flat chest. My only wish is that I had done it earlier! Good luck.

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