After agonising for months, years actually, I finally just went for it and had breast surgery on November 23, 2007, in Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve decided to keep a journal of my experiences as a document for me, and as a resource for other women who want this surgery and are sick of the negativity and stereotypes surrounding it. When I first started doing research online for my augmentation, I found about 2 or 3 good sites with info and that’s it. Nowhere could I find the exact cost, risks, what women felt like after and before, and most of all, did people react differently to them! There are some good US diarys and blogs about the operation but none or very few in Ireland, or so I discovered.
Try and ignore the negativity and criticism that surrounds BA. If you (or I) want to do something with our bodies, and we have a good reason, then who dares tell us we are wrong?
So look around, do your research and just GO FOR IT!

What I Got:

I was a 34A pre-op. I wanted a C cup and got 260cc silicone implants inserted behind the muscle. Right after surgery I was a small D cup but this changed as my implants drop (settle into the pocket).
I also got a whole lot of worry and a few days of pain, but don’t worry– it’s all worth it.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. kate said


    Ive just been reading your wonderful blog!
    Firstly thanks so much for writing it, its so hard to find good honest first hand info.
    im in my late twenties and im a small b cup. Ive been thinking for ages about getting a boob job, but im also a thinker, so i worry about it!

    I was hoping you could answer a few things?

    Firstly i dont want anyone to know. I dont even want my mum to know, i really just want to keep it to my self and off course my boyfriend will know.
    DO you think its possible to get by without anyone knowing? I do wear padded bras allready anyhow so im hoping that people wont notice that much of a difference.

    Also what is it like lying n bed? im guessing you cant sleep on your front? and what is it like lying on your back and on the side? and do they look weird when you lie on your back or side?

    And last but not least, is it really uncomfortable in social settings, like if at a dinner party everyone starts talking about fake boobs and how much guys hate them etc, i can just imagine how horrible ill feel.

    Anyhow thanks again for a great blog! your a awesome writer šŸ˜‰

    kindest KAte

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