Breaking rule number one

December 18, 2007

Tonight is my work Christmas party…and believe me, it is HARD to find a nice top/dress to wear that looks good with the unpadded, nipple revealing, comfy bras. So just for today and tonight, I’m wearing my lovely H&M underwired, push up black bra because really, I have to look good tonight. The temptation was too much for me. This is possibly bad because the pressure from the bra might affect my implants or scars. I know this and yet here I am, still wearing the bra…does this mean I am really vain? I think so.
It doesn’t hurt or anything…and it’s four weeks since the surgery this Friday. So I’m hoping this doesn’t harm me. If it does, let this blog post be a testament to my possible stupidity…

EDIT: Almost a month since I wrote this post, and I’ve been wearing underwire on and off since then. So basically, I was wearing underwired bras from one month after surgery on– and there has been no damage that I can see. Or feel. They’re completely fine, and also some surgeons tell their patients they can wear underwire after a week– I really must find out why plastic surgeons have such different advice for the same procedure…

I did it!

October 12, 2007

Not IT it, as in I got my boob job, I mean I did it as in I finally booked my surgery. Haven’t written in a while, mainly because until it’s closer to the operation I don’t have a lot to say, but also because my celeb plastic surgery posts attracted waaaay to many freaky fans giving out to me. Especially for saying that Christina Aguilera doesn’t look good, like can you BELIEVE I SAID that?? Seriously she is totally FABULOUS!!!!!1! OK so yeah, she looks about as real as a 20 dollar Gucci bag, and yes maybe she did used to wear chaps and call herself Xtina and have a weird red afro and actually wear leather trousers with a coloured bit at the crotch, and MAYBE her black hair fake tan no clothes look wasn’t so hot, and I might agree that, OK, she should be locked in a cave for wearing that belt thing as a top, BUT she is FUCKING FABULOUS and I won’t sit here on the Internet and read a post on someone’s blog about how her boob job makes her look out of proportion. That is waaay unfair. She didn’t even GET a boob job…..

Ahem. Sorry I seem to have gone off the point there. Where was I?
Yeah so I booked my surgery. I’m nervous now, I wasn’t before. Suddenly all the risks I told myself weren’t relevant to me are flooding my head. Like what if I don’t heal properly? What if I die from excessive bleeding? What if they’re uneven? What if I end up like Baloon Spice? I just want it over with! D-Day is the 24th of November, a Saturday. So for those of you who landed on this blog looking for detailed details of post-op misery and progress, hang in there, all shall be revealed from the end of November on. I’m going to give a daily update and may include pictures. I would put a before pic up now but it’s too depressing.

(P.S SHUT UP how dare you say Xtina is out of proportion, she is my ROLE MODEL, I am aiming to look like her when I grow up, which will be never. Also your blog is CRAP)

How much does it hurt…really?

September 21, 2007

OK last night I was trying to figure out how I’ll manage the three-four days after my BA (breast augmentation– see, I’m already using the lingo). (Last night I also browsed for pics of nice breasts, then had to stop because I felt like a 14 year old boy looking at porn). Anyway, my original hotel plan may not work after all. The nice girls over at the forums are kind of warning me that it may not be a good idea because I’ll be in a lot of pain and will need help to even sit up.
I can handle pain. I think. So far the most painful thing in my life (physically) has been when I injured my lower back and for MONTHS I was in agony. It’s only when something like your back goes bust that you realise how much you take it for granted. I mean, things like getting out of bed and even walking were a nightmare. I’m guessing this will be the same, except it will be my chest.
So I’m going to ask the people at the clinic can I stay over the first night, just in case. Then the next day I can heave myself into a taxi and go home, where I’ll have prepared a little recovery section for myself. I’ll just move everything into my room and put everything at hand level. I also plan to take a shit load of pills to knock myself out. I have images of waking up four days later, undoing my bandages and revealing perfectly sculpted fake boobs….really though I’ll probably reveal swollen, bruised and painful round things. Gaaah.

The level of pain also depends on where the implants are placed…I’ve been told if they are underneath the muscle (as mine will be) it is more painful. The surgeon told me I would have a heavy, tight feeling in my chest, and that lifting my arms up will be painful. Putting on and taking off the required sports bra you have to wear is also going to be painful. (My PS says to me, hopefully, “Do you have a high pain threshold?” I was like “Emmm, nope…”)
I’m not really worried about the pain though. All through it I will tell myself to relax, not to fight the pain, because it is worth it- it’s pain I welcome to get the results. It’s not like a kick in the groin- pointless and veerry painful…it’s good pain. Right?
Plus I’ll have hardcore painkillers….

What risks?

September 20, 2007

From the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK:

“The risks associated with silicone gel breast implants have been investigated on three occasions by independent expert groups working on behalf of the Department of Health. The latest of these, the Independent Review Group, concluded that the risks were no greater than for other implants, such as hip joints. MHRA is not aware of any evidence suggesting that saline used to fill saline breast implants presents any hazards.”

“…there is no evidence of a causal link between the implantation of silicones and connective tissue disease.”

“..silicone gel breast implants are not associated with any greater health risk than other surgical implants, and that silicone induces a conventional biological response, rather than an unusual toxic reaction.”

“In their 1998 report, the IRG said that “analyses of large groups of women both with and without breast implants have shown that there is a slightly reduced incidence of breast cancer in women with breast implants. Studies looking at the incidence of other cancers have failed to demonstrate a statistically significant increase among women with breast implants.”

So, OK, obviously there ARE risks, it’s surgery. But I’ve seen websites saying things like “You could die!!” etc. The breast cancer thing, breastfeeding thing and the stuff about leakage are not a worry for me.
I think the only risk comes from the surgeon who performs the op. If s/he is a good surgeon there will be nothing to worry about. The horror stories, the poor women who have gone through the surgery and come out deformed and ruined (I can’t imagine what I would do if that happened) most likely had their surgery done by an inexperienced hack who is not a specialised surgeon. I am choosing my surgeon very, very carefully. My consultation on Monday is mainly so I can get the surgeon’s name and look him or her up. I’ll also be asking if they are registered with the Medical Council, how many ops they have done and what level of aftercare they provide. I’ll let you all know the answers!