So my new boobs are going to cost exactly 6,150 euro. I don’t know how much it costs in the US or UK but I’m guessing about 5-6000 pounds/dollars. The clinic told me this price includes the surgery, the aftercare, the night in the clinic, and I’m hoping it also includes the drugs I’ll be taking in the week post-op (painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection from the implants.)

I want this done so much that I’m willing to pay this price. But I was wondering, what else could I buy with 6000 euro? Here’s probably what I would do with it if I wasn’t getting the surgery…


I would probably go to Australia, Thailand and New Zealand in the New Year sometime. 6 grand would get my flights, visa and travel insurance for sure. Then I could just get a job when I got there. I do want to do this, but the way I think of it is, I can travel anytime. Where is the rule saying you have to be in your early 20s? Plus, I’d NEVER wear a bikini on the beach…

Buy a car

Which is, in fairness, what I told the Credit Union I was doing with the money when I applied for the loan. And the two other loans before that. (I bought a new iPod and went to Spain and France, actually..)
Felt qutie guilty when the nice lady giving me the cheque wished me luck on the road. I can’t even drive, so 6 grand would pay for my car, tax, insurance and probably like one driving lesson. But I can buy a car next year…Plus you don’t really need a car living in Dublin city, parking is a pain.

Buy a whole new wardrobe (and, literally, a new wardrobe)

This is tempting, especially for me, who buys new clothes like other people buy coffee on the way to work. I could get rid of all my old stuff and buy for the next two seasons. Plus I could buy the gorgeous Chloe black bubble coat I saw in Brown Thomas. That would last years…and I could buy jeans and boots and bags and dresses…but wouldn’t they all look better on me with actual breasts?

Donate to charity

Lets not kid ourselves…this isn’t even an option!

The hardest part is over…

September 25, 2007

Went for my first consultation with plastic surgeon yesterday. I thought I wasn’t nervous but one of the staff in there told me afterwards that I looked terrified. So much for my unaffected poise…It was slightly horrible, only because I had to stand half naked under harsh office lighting while the PS (who was very nice) measured every inch of my chest. Turns out I’m even smaller than I thought!
Anyway, the people at the ACS clinic were all lovely. I checked when I went in if the surgeons are registered with the Irish Medical Council (they are) and I also asked could I check out before and after pics of breast ops.
But first, I had my discussion with the Surgeon.
He asked me what I wanted done, my expectations, my medical history, etc. He then measured me (gaaah) and felt around my boobs for any lumps, bumps or unusual parts. (This didn’t take long, since there’s not much there!)
After I put my bra back on (which took about four hours because my hands were shaking!) he told me all about the operation, the risks, the recovery, and the follow up care I’d get at the clinic.
“Any questions?” he said then, and I asked could I stay overnight at the clinic as I would be on my own afterwards. He looked concerned and said of course, the bed is mine anyway. I also asked about size.
This is the most important bit. For anyone out there who wants this done and thinks she knows exactly what size she wants, well prepare to be flexible.
According to my PS, he first needs to know my hopes of what I will look like afterward. I said I wanted a natural increase, meaning I don’t want to look huge, as I’m naturally small anyway and I don’t mind still being small (ish). So I said a B cup. Mr. Surgeon then gave me a number of different silicone balls to try on. He explained that they are measured in volume, not cup size, so for example, he suggested I go with 240 ccs, which is slightly above a B cup. He said once the implant is inside, it will eventually drop and sit properly, and won’t look as big as it did when I stuck it in my bra. (That is important. Because I had it in my bra, i.e outside my breast, and of course it will be further back once inserted, therefore not as far out. If you get me.)
I asked him could I go for maybe a 220cc, thinking 240 was too big. But he said in his opinion 240 would be best, and I should take time to think about it. He said once I’m under (open?) during the surgery, he looks in and sees what will fit. (Have images of myself lying on op table with slits in boobs, as surgeon slides various implants in and out…euggh!)
He then told me, because I have very little breast tissue, he would put the implants behind my muscle, not in front.
In breast augmentation (I found out) implants are either put behind the muscle, or behind the breast tissue (‘overs’). Women with enough breast tissue are given the overs, which apparently have a quicker recovery time and less pain. In my case though they will go behind.
The PS told me to come back for a second consult if I wanted, then brought me out to speak to a lovely girl (a patient co-ordinator, I think her title is) who, I found out, is the daughter of the owner of the clinic. As she led me into another consult room I was admiring her lovely shoes, and I thought she was about my age, maybe in her late 20s. She then told me she was 37, which I still can’t believe. She has implants in and let me feel them, something I’ve been dying to do to see if they would be hard and fake looking. But hers were lovely and felt really soft. Yay!
She told me the op would cost 6,150 euro, and talked to me about what to expect and about size. She knows I don’t want a big increase but also recommended the 240ccs. She said the difference between 240 and 220 is about a teaspoon in volume and so I may as well go with the 240. I think she’s right.
She also urged me to have a second consultation with a different surgeon, to see who I liked better.
So I’m going back on October 16 to meet another PS, who specialises in BA and who inserts the implants through the armpit or the nipple. Lots of people prefer this because there is then no scar on the breasts. I wonder how they get the implant through the armpit though–I’m guessing that will be much more painful!
I’ll meet this second guy then decide, and book my surgery. I’m thinking around the end of November. Hopefully the swelling will have gone down for all the Christmas parties…

How to choose…

September 20, 2007

After I did loads of research I initially decided to choose a hospital consultant to do my breast augmentation. For those not familiar with the Irish health system (which I’m assuming is everyone…even Irish people!), here we have more public hospitals than private clinics. So consultants in plastic surgery working in the big city hospitals would have their own private practices where they do cosmetic surgeries. These guys are safe to choose because they are definitely regulated (they have to be to do their public work).
But then, after reading a bit more, I decided it could be safer to choose a surgeon who has done hundreds of ops. I read a personal journal of a girl who had her breasts done in the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Dublin and she said they are top class. I’ve heard that before, but because I’m not going to trust ads and rumours, I’m checking them out for myself. They’re the longest established clinic in the country though, and the most popular, so I think it’s a good choice. (Note: I’m not going to mention ACS much on here because I don’t want this to become an advertisement for their clinics!)
If I feel dodgy about ACS though I’ll just choose another surgeon. I’m guessing it’s going to cost about 6000 euro but it could be more.