Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of having no breasts….Or to have surgery against a sea of risks, and by opposing, get bigger ones?
Hard to answer the question “But why?” in one coherent sentence. So instead I’ll just answer the most commonly given negative responses and beliefs about breast augmentation.

1. “It’s invasive surgery! Pain! Swelling! Leaked silicone!”

Well, this is true. So what I did was write a trusty pro/con list. The only cons were “It will hurt” and “People will know.” Yes, it’s surgery, yes, I will be in pain, but trust me, I have had years of mental anguish about my lack of ANY boobs. I really have none. Some women with small chests don’t care (but I think we all do), some do and I want to change it. I am prepared to face the risks (which are really very small) and go for it. Don’t worry, if I die at least it will have been on a quest for beauty. Not a bad way to go. Compared to, say, dying of a lack of sex because you’re too scared to let anyone see what you look like naked.

2. “You’ll never know if someone will just love you for you…”

In my case, this may be true. While I have had many flings, encounters and fast times at Ridgemont High, I have never had a man say to me “I love you”. (Well, none that I wanted to hear it from. The weird Aussie guy who stalked me last year doesn’t count.)
But this can be said for a lot of things. If I decide to spent 10 grand on a trip to Africa, I’ll never know what it’s like to go somewhere else instead. That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy Africa, does it?

3. “It’s expensive. Like, you could buy the new Dior court shoes AND the entire Kate Moss for Topshop A/W line.”

I could, but I’ve decided to spend the money on this instead.

4. “You’re doing it for the wrong reasons/you have unreasonable expectations/you need a psychologist/you think the men will lurrve you afterwards.”

I’m doing this because I want to. For me. Cliche, yes, but true. I’m not doing it because some guy will like me better (fuck him), or because I think my life will be magically perfect, or because my life is shit and I need a change. I’m doing it because I’m sick, sick, sick of being self-conscious and scared. I’m sick of avoiding sex and I’m sick of turning away from the mirror. I’m sick of staring at other girl’s chests like a teenage boy. (Sorry, like any boy.) So really, I AM doing this for me.

Any more objections, bring ’em on…