I’ve written about this before on here– about how other people perceive breast implants on women– and it’s something I still occasionally wonder about.
Because I am happy with my surgery, I honestly am not bothered if someone has a problem with it, or thinks I’m a slut, whatever (I have gotten these emails, seriously.)
What I do think about is where these perceptions have come from and why they are still around. I have only gotten good ‘reviews’ of my boobs but I still wonder, what do they say about me to other people? Why is there an image in the media of boob jobs = cheap, trashy, pathetic, slutty, blah blah idiots. 
All the (two) guys who’ve actually seen and felt mine thought they were great, and my friends and family think they’re great. I do get the occasional “they’re pretty hard” comments but hey, I’m only three months post-op.
The second guy I told/showed them to/had sex with since my surgery said to me: “Fair play to you– it’s a big deal, isn’t it, deciding to do this…” and stuff like that. I was like, WHY is it a big deal? It really isn’t. You want to change your body, you have money, you do it. Finished. But for some reason, some people I know think getting a boob job means I’m a different person than they thought I was. 
I also think it’s about breast size in general. Women are perceived differently depending on their boob size, whether we like it or not. I didn’t get this done so other people would look at me differently. In fact, the only negative thing to come out of this (and honestly it’s a tiny thing and not a regret) is that I do think some people ARE looking at me differently. Am I paranoid for some reason? Anyone reading this with implants who has had a negative reaction, let me know.
I found this study online when I was searching for articles on this topic…it’s about how a woman’s breast size affects people’s perceptions of her.  I’ll just quote the whole abstract here.
From the study “Biggest Isn’t Always Best: The Effect of Breast Size on Perceptions of Women” (From the Journal of Applied Psychology, Volume 32, Issue 11, November 2002), 
Research has demonstrated preferences for medium and large breasts and a tendency to associate positive attributes with larger breasts. Findings have been limited, however, by use of stimuli that do not depict women realistically or in a credible context.
In the current study, a female actor’s breast size was manipulated to create four videotapes (bra cup sizes A, B, C, and D) in which she delivered a speech. Participants viewed one of the four videotapes and rated the actor on social and professional characteristics.
Males perceived the actor more favorably on both professional and social characteristics when she had a medium breast size, whereas females were generally not influenced by breast size.
Findings are related to the popularity of methods to enhance breast size and the need for awareness of the potential impact of breast size on how women are perceived.”
Interesting, yes?