The reviews are in!

February 11, 2008

By ‘reviews’ I mean: another guy review, my surgeon’s review, and, um, MY review. Oh and some random people’s views on my new body parts.

First, sorry again for the not updating– for numerous boring reasons I haven’t really had a chance. But I’m back, and even better, I should have some more pics up soon.
Anyway, so I went to my two month post-op review with my surgeon and he was delighted with his work, if he does say so himself. I told him about my occasional left arm pain (which is gone now) and he said it is completely normal and happens as my nerves kind of re-ignite, or get working again. (I’m sure there’s an actual medical term for that but I’m too lazy to Google it).
Both boobs have softened up a lot in the past few weeks, so maybe that’s what the twinges were. The PS also said they looked pretty natural, and told me to come back in one year for further review. Yay!

Also, I had sex again on Saturday night (let me just say, at the risk of people thinking I’m a complete slut or something, that before this year I had a loooong dry spell. Main reason? My lack of confidence of course! I’m not saying people should get a boob job to improve their sex lives, but really, it’s amazing how much my confidence has improved, and THAT is something guys notice, not just the boobs. I walk with my shoulders back and my head high, not slightly hunched over, tugging at my top.)
Yeah, so it was with a guy I’ve actually known for years…who I like a lot. We were lying in my bed deliberating on whether having sex would ruin our friendship (as you do) when I just burst out, “Ihadaboobjobinnovember.” He confrimed my new-found realisation that people’s reactions to this news are generally good! NO ONE I have told has reacted badly, or with weirdness. He was interested and gave me the “Fair play for taking the risk, do what you gotta do” speech. Double yay!
Also he kind of loved them– I said, you know they’re still not as soft as real ones…but he didn’t care because he said they felt great. He then took an almost clinical view of them, running his hands over the scars (which he said aren’t bad looking), pressing the inner corners where the implant ‘starts’, etc. Then he started….mmmmmmm. Sorry that bit is not to be shared ­čÖé

In general, people have noticed that my boobs have grown a bit. But it’s not negative and no one is jumping down my throat going “YOU HAD PLASTIC SURGERY!!” Some of my frends just said, hey, your boobs look great, you (finally) got a pair! Hehe. But I’m soooo happy with them. I love that I can look brilliant in nice dresses and tops, I love walking around in a t-shirt and no bra and having lovely round, non-saggy boobs, I love my new body confidence… for anyone worried about ANYTHING, just remember 1. why you want to get it done and 2. It will all be worth it….

The recent appearance of Janice Dickinson on UTVs “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” was brilliant. Mostly because she is insane, but also because she isn’t afraid to admit every time she has gone under the knife (are you listening, Posh McFake Spice?)
Apparently before she went into the jungle, Janice had a chin tuck, a tummy tuck, botox, a boob lift, face filler injections, lip plumping, permanent make-up, you name it…she has had it.
And she looks OK:

But, as much fun as she was to watch in the jungle, it was slightly disconcerting to watch her face almost kind of melt when she sat by the fire…

Next in the “yay, they admitted it” list is Sharon Osbourne. I think she looks OK too, I mean a bit odd at times, and very obviously re-shaped, but compared to before she looks great for her age.
Check her out:

Hmm slightly scary actually.
But at least they admit they’ve had surgery. What is it that makes people ashamed? I’m not excluding myself from this, I don’t really want to admit it either. But before, I thought people were just trying to be secretive or lie, and now that I’ve had plastic surgery, I realise it’s not secrecy but fear of other people’s negative reactions. Which is a bit stupid, isn’t it?

I did it!

October 12, 2007

Not IT it, as in I got my boob job, I mean I did it as in I finally booked my surgery. Haven’t written in a while, mainly because until it’s closer to the operation I don’t have a lot to say, but also because my celeb plastic surgery posts attracted waaaay to many freaky fans giving out to me. Especially for saying that Christina Aguilera doesn’t look good, like can you BELIEVE I SAID that?? Seriously she is totally FABULOUS!!!!!1! OK so yeah, she looks about as real as a 20 dollar Gucci bag, and yes maybe she did used to wear chaps and call herself Xtina and have a weird red afro and actually wear leather trousers with a coloured bit at the crotch, and MAYBE her black hair fake tan no clothes look wasn’t so hot, and I might agree that, OK, she should be locked in a cave for wearing that belt thing as a top, BUT she is FUCKING FABULOUS and I won’t sit here on the Internet and read a post on someone’s blog about how her boob job makes her look out of proportion. That is waaay unfair. She didn’t even GET a boob job…..

Ahem. Sorry I seem to have gone off the point there. Where was I?
Yeah so I booked my surgery. I’m nervous now, I wasn’t before. Suddenly all the risks I told myself weren’t relevant to me are flooding my head. Like what if I don’t heal properly? What if I die from excessive bleeding? What if they’re uneven? What if I end up like Baloon Spice? I just want it over with! D-Day is the 24th of November, a Saturday. So for those of you who landed on this blog looking for detailed details of post-op misery and progress, hang in there, all shall be revealed from the end of November on. I’m going to give a daily update and may include pictures. I would put a before pic up now but it’s too depressing.

(P.S SHUT UP how dare you say Xtina is out of proportion, she is my ROLE MODEL, I am aiming to look like her when I grow up, which will be never. Also your blog is CRAP)

Lets turn it around and be nice for awhile, showing examples of why people get cosmetic surgery in the first place. Whether or not you agree with the principle of plastic surgery, these people simply look better afterwards–as I, too, will soon and I really really REALLY can’t wait.

5. Heather Matarazzo

A.K.A the girl who played the nerdy friend in various films, the “Where do I know her from?” girl. No doubt she looks a million times better afterwards. But since I don’t really know or care who she is, she’s not getting the number 1 spot. Looks like she definitely got a nose job, but the rest could be just make-up. I think she looks good, anyway.

4. Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee got a lot of shit when she got her nose job, which is ridiculous. Let the girl shave down her nose if she wants to. She looks good with it. Maybe her nose bothered her her whole life and one day she thought, fuck it, I want a smaller nose. So what?
Although I personally think her old nose was nice. I like odd shaped or big noses, they’re much more interesting than straight, perfect ones.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Subtle difference, but this one was probably not the first, we’ve all seen that dodgy horror film she was in years ago with the Leprachaun (called Leprechaun, perhaps?) where her nose is much bigger. But she looks great either way.

2. Matt Dillon

Seriously, this picture speaks for itself.

1. Demi Moore

She’s admitted she’s had loads of surgery, including knee lifts, boob jobs, botox, God knows what else, but she looks amazing, there’s no denying it. I’m sure some of it is excellent genes and working out or whatever, but that is one talented surgeon…

How to choose…

September 20, 2007

After I did loads of research I initially decided to choose a hospital consultant to do my breast augmentation. For those not familiar with the Irish health system (which I’m assuming is everyone…even Irish people!), here we have more public hospitals than private clinics. So consultants in plastic surgery working in the big city hospitals would have their own private practices where they do cosmetic surgeries. These guys are safe to choose because they are definitely regulated (they have to be to do their public work).
But then, after reading a bit more, I decided it could be safer to choose a surgeon who has done hundreds of ops. I read a personal journal of a girl who had her breasts done in the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Dublin and she said they are top class. I’ve heard that before, but because I’m not going to trust ads and rumours, I’m checking them out for myself. They’re the longest established clinic in the country though, and the most popular, so I think it’s a good choice. (Note: I’m not going to mention ACS much on here because I don’t want this to become an advertisement for their clinics!)
If I feel dodgy about ACS though I’ll just choose another surgeon. I’m guessing it’s going to cost about 6000 euro but it could be more.