August 18, 2008

You know, saying sorry for neglecting my blog, and all the lovely people who left comments and asked questions, doesn’t really make up for the fact that I…well, neglected my blog and all the lovely people who left comments and asked questions 🙂

If it’s any consolation, I have been travelling in South America all summer and literally got back this week. Amazing time…more on that later! I FINALLY have some pics to upload. They’re not recent (well, they’re from May- 6 months post-op) but they’re pretty much the same now…except they’re more tanned!

Sorry in advance for the bad quality/dodgy angles…I took them myself, in my bedroom, so they’re not great! I wore a padded plunge bra from H&M in some (love that fucking bra!) and a non-padded black bra from Marks and Spencer in the others. Size: 34C.

Anyway hope you’re all well and I’m gonna get to the questions. Please keep leaving comments. If this blog helps even five people feel better about themselves then it’s worth it. Post your experiences, pics, feelings, any negativity you’ve experienced…’cos here we’re among friends!!

P.S Anyone who wants a 34C and wants to know what implants I have- 260cc silicone, under the muscle, crease incision. My scars are not completely gone, not 100% happy about that…my ADVICE for today is: BUY scar therapy/cream/oil and use it twice a day! I didn’t. That shit has been proven to work. Actually tomorrow I’ll blog about a new one I was told about, that’s expensive but supposed to be AMAZING.

Anyway I’m off to bed…still jet lagged!
Love to all xx

Four days to go…

November 18, 2007

Seriously, I wish it was just tomorrow. I’m starting to unneccesarily freak out about stuff. On a positive note: my ‘flu is fading, I’ve managed to cut down to about two cigarettes a day, and I got a good reaction when I told my family. I was surprised by that, I thought my Dad would either A. mumble and leave the room or B. lecture me on spending 6000 euro on my body. But they were cool about it. I feel so much better knowing I have support. Tip: if you’re planning this and planning not to tell anyone (like I was), think again. I haven’t even had the surgery yet and I know I’m going to need help. Also, people reacted more positively than I thought they would. Well, most people. Obviously there are going to be people who think I’m crazy. But fuck them.

On the bad side, I still haven’t got enough days off work, I have no planning done, and oh yeah, I’m freaking out. I guess it’s because I don’t know what to expect really. How much pain will I be in? What if I get an infection? How big will I be? Will my housemate (and workmates) notice? How long will it take for the scars to fade? I can look up all this stuff and talk to the girls on the forum, but everyone is different so I just have to wait.

OK I need to shut up. This is a waste of a blog post.

I’ll be back again before my surgery. Then I’ll be back every day with DETAILS (And post-op photos).